Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aaron & Heather: MARRIED!

there are so many wonderful details about these people, their relationship, and the wedding that i would not be able to list them all here in this blog. i will show you some pictures and you can find the rest and an amazing write up about the wedding here. i was honored to create all of the paper goods for the wedding and reception. heather and i worked together quite a bit on all this stuff and i was just blessed to get the time to sit and craft with my dearest friend.

these people, i love.

fabric backed escort cards.

hand sewn wedding programs.

fabric backed table numbers.

bunting. of course. to match this mini-bunting.

hand sewn guestbook instruction cards.

hand sewn cake cards.

fabric backed favor sign.

heather & aaron: God's face is already shining apon your marriage because you radiate with His perfect love. what a great example of what our marriage will be like to Christ you have already been and will be for many happy years. we are so happy to know you in this life and after.

all photography by the amazing jackie wonders.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Super Hero Party

big A is turning 4. when big A turned 3 and all the candles were all blown out from his cake, he started planning his 4th party. NO. JOKE. he said he wanted a spiderman party.

this is where i must make a confession: i hate character parties. i really dislike when the plates, napkins, cake, table cloth, and goodie bags ALL have the same picture of some character on them sucking the imagination out of small helpless children. so when big A asked for spiderman, i tried to find every possible way to convince him to choose some way cooler theme. (insert CRINGE here.) i know, i know... it's his party. don't worry, i am letting him have a spiderman party. i'm just doing my best to make it creative. the ONLY reason, and you will just have to trust me on this, that spiderman is not on the invitation is because i don't have the ability to draw him and there are no free illustrations out there that i could download. otherwise, there would be.

there will be a spiderman cake, and pinata, and even spiderman comic books as decorations. i am working really hard to ignore my inner control freak and just let my little boy be himself. but i'm not gonna lie, it's rough.

please don't hate me. i hope you like the invitation because it is one of my favorites!

Programs & Paper Goods

i recently had the amazing honor of designing and assembling all the paper goods for my very own bestie. so many hours went into the many projects for this wedding and it was truly a labor of love. the bride and her groom came up with all the ideas and i just put it all together. here is a little sneak peek. soon to come are the professional photos, which will be nothing less than stunning.