Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smitten Saturday: a day late

on today's post for Smitten Sunday Saturday i'm going to share with you the dining room chairs that inspired a whole new make over for my dining room (in my dreams). 

i realize i didn't make a post last Saturday for Smitten Saturday. i had plans to make an inspiration board filled with all things footed, because i seriously love anything that has a little foot or pedestal on it. it just makes it so much more charming and delicate. alas, i could not find enough inspiration for a whole board. the footed bathtub and anthropologie mugs would have been sad and lonely. so i'm combining my love for all things footed with the dining room chairs i recently spotted and loved at World Market. 

back to my post: 

this is my current dining room, sans the Christmas decor. (i'd totally be nervous that i was a hoarder who couldn't put her Christmas decorations away because i had to see them to know they're still there... if i still had them up....but i don't. i promise. i've been watching a lot of Hoarders lately. heh.) the computer is no longer super ghetto at the kitchen counter with that hideous office chair, cringe. it has a desk now and can be seen here. we purchased our dining room table at the Encinitas Street Fair back in 2007. i love it. it's solid wood and weighs like 4547874367 pounds, but i love it. probably because i never have to move it. i leave that up to my Mr. (thanks honey!) our chairs are from IKEA. the art on the wall is a large piece of black and white damask wrapping paper (that matches my dinnerware) that i framed with an IKEA picture frame. we're renters so the chandelier and floating shelf came with the house and we can't change them. there is nothing about this room that i love, other than the table. 

here is my inspiration board:
No. 1} i love the modern update on these traditional serveware pieces.
No. 2} the dining room chair that started it all! i would love to see them surrounding my table. so charming & country.
No. 3} i already have these latte bowls and i love love love them. 
No. 4} cutest cake stand, ON THE EARTH.
No. 5} we would need some matching bar stools. obvi.
No. 6} isn't this the sweetest cupcake stand you ever did see? me too.
No. 7} i'm totally making this table runner. totally.
No. 8} and,  i die

ok. so i like blue. what? i'm trying to get away from the animal magnetism that the color robin's egg blue has on me by adding some shades of dark teal, emerald green and cobalt blue around the house. i'm most attracted to deep, rich, jewel tones, but my Mr. is semi-color blind so he's pretty picky and we can both agree on the the robin's egg blue. it's just starting to take over. and i'm a little scared. help. 

so what are you smitten about today? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

custom bunting

my first custom bunting order!!! woo hoo! i was contacted shortly after opening my etsy shop to create a custom bunting that said "JOY". the only thing my client requested was that it match the color scheme of black, brown, and dark red like the colors in her home. i had so much fun putting this together and am super thankful she loved it!
i think my favorite details is the medium size black ric rac as a border around each flag.

or the micro-mini pinwheels. i love them both. 

if you are interested in custom bunting please contact me for pricing. they are the perfect decoration over a baby crib with your child's name, or even a big kids room that needs that extra little something. i've also made a few for weddings as sweetheart table decorations or just for photos props. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

MARRIED: Sarah & Joshua!

Sarah & Joshua were referred to me by my super good friend, Cherish. i was so excited that they entrusted me with a little piece of their wedding and i'm so in love with the design she picked. Yellow & gray are my favorite color combination right now (it's my bedroom's colors) and i just love how simple she wanted everything. Sarah was truly a no fuss bride and pretty much gave me total control. easy peasy.

(please excuse my terrible photography. it is not my strong suit. hopefully my work shines through the poor pictures!)
invitation suite


map, directions, and wedding registry information

RSVP postcard
congratulations Sarah & Joshua! it was a joy working with you. may your marriage be blessed!

if you are interested in having me create your wedding invitation suite, birthday party invitations, graduation announcements, baby announcements, or personal stationery, i would be delighted to help you! feel free to email me at

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smitten Saturday: letter signs

i'm back! did you miss me? i missed you. my little family spent the week up at Hume Lake and enjoyed gorgeous weather, friends, and family time while my Mr. lead worship for a Youth Worker's Conference. Hume is pretty much off the grid so i wasn't able to update any posts, but have several up my sleeve to share this week! now, on to Smitten Saturday.

this week i'm totally smitten over letter signs! i've been inspired to fill every nook and cranny with vintage marquee letters that say meaningful words or big giant letters with my kids initials in their rooms. here is my round up of the ones i love out on the web.
No. 1} everything on this website is too DIE FOR! i think several bottles of glass glitter blew up in their shop and they decided not to clean up and i love it! this LOVE banner would look nice in my bedroom.

No. 2} these ornate house letters are sold out, but i would have loved to snatch them up!

No. 3} this group of 3 N's would look lovely on my mantle.

No. 4} i'm totally making this paper marquee letter, like now. it would be the perfect night light.

No. 5} this lowercase A is super cute and i would love to put it in my son's room.

No. 6} um, can these scallop mesh letters be anymore sweet? i think not. perfect for my daughter's room.

No. 7} this LOVE sign with vintage marquee letters is simply lovely.

No. 8} how perfect would this HELLO sign be in my entryway?

No. 9} gorgeous.

what are you smitten about right now?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Smitten Saturday

this week i'm totally smitten about couches. the reason being that we just put an offer on a house that i am SUPER in love with (like, i'm trying not to think about how big of a gamble it is to put an offer on a house that you love so much because there's no for sure way you're gonna get it). we've only been looking for 3 weeks and this is our first offer. every time i think about the house and my heart skips a beat i try to convince myself that it probably won't work out just so i don't get my hopes up. 

anyway, the house has a formal living room and a family room. we currently have just a living room so that means only one couch. which also means i would have to buy more furniture for the dream house... 


the only trouble is that i have no idea what stylistic direction i would go if i were ever faced with buying a piece of furniture because i love it, since pretty much everything we have has been given to us. i'm super bi-polar when it comes to style. one day i totally LOVE the vintage/traditional style with shabby sheek touches and the next i'm head over heels for modern, clean lines with more of a retro look. this is a dilemma for me since i have no idea how to mix and match the two. 

so here is my round up of modernmeetstraditionalwithatouchofretro couches:
No. 1} this avec sofa looks like it wouldn't be comfortable and is a little more on the modern side than i would like, but is more reasonably priced. 

No. 2} i sort of dream of having a more formal living room where i can serve tea or something ritzy like that on this more traditional sofa.

No. 3} this one looks comfy AND edgy with the hammered nails. although there is NO WAY my Mr. would go for a white couch.

No. 4} i love the retro look of this reese sofa from room & board. you could just find me on the chaise for family movie night.

No. 5} this is GRAND.

No. 6} the cielo sectional is big enough to fill up the large family room in the dream house, and those cushions look delightful! thankfully it comes in other colors...

No. 7} i've loved this sofa for several years now. when you just love something you can't explain it. 


so basically i love tuffed backs and seats, and my house is gonna look ridiculous. great.

i realize pretty much none of these are in my price range. something that is more in my price range would be, say, something found in a thrift store that i attempt to reupholster myself... or something we buy used off Craigslist. 

but for now i'll be dreamin'. you know, like that Selena song, "i'll be dreamin', of you tonight. til tomoooooorrrrrrooow, i'll be holdin' you tight." 

i know i just got that song stuck in your head.

you're welcome.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

now that my shop is open...

i would love some honest feedback. i put 3 new bunting in the shop and i'm feeling a little clingy. i think it's because it's scary to put yourself out there and not know what people are thinking! ah! so bare with me as i figure out all this new business stuff. 

so what do you honestly think about the bunting i've made? do you like the colors, style, PRICE? (i have no idea how to price these things, what would you pay for one?) 

i know i'm totally being the needy high school girlfriend who calls every five minutes and just breathes on your voicemail right now, which can't be good for business... but i figure i want to make a product that people will fall in love with and feel good paying their hard earned money for. everything i've read says you need to be confident and not ask for comments and stuff.... but there aren't very many other people selling these types of things for me to use as an example. 

so, will you walk through this process with me as i am the guinea pig? 

thanks for understanding. love you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smitten Stationery's Shop!

i did it! i opened my shop! i'm so excited and i hope you are too. i plan to eventually add options to purchase the pre-designed wedding, birthday, and other event invitations and also a few posters here and there. but for now i have several bunting ready to be purchased and put on your walls. 

come by and check it out.