Wednesday, December 4, 2013

master bedroom inspiration in photos

after spending a lot of time on pinterest, looking for visual inspiration, i realized that i'm drawn to mostly neutral color combinations for the master bedroom. there's just something calm and relaxing to these rooms, nothing bright or startling. i imagine walking into these rooms would feel soothing and peaceful, and as a busy stay at home mom, that's just the kind of place i need to retreat to at the end of the day! 

our headboard is almost black, but our dresser is a rich chestnut color. i like the idea of mix matching the woods.

i've been attracted to black doors lately too. i think i want to paint all the doors in the house black! but starting with the master bedroom might ease my husband into it a little better. maybe.

along with soothing colors, i really want soothing textures. i'm loving how linen and faux fur look together. the softer the better. i just want to be able to cozy up in my bed.

 i love the idea of mixing frames as well.

and maybe a little self for my milk glass collection next to the bed.

hopefully my husband will think these are all good things too!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

documenting our current home: master bedroom

coming up with a plan for my new master bedroom has been kind of tough. we originally wanted to do a pallet wall, and now we don't. after that, i thought it would be fun to do dark walls, but now i don't. i'm currently playing with the idea of wallpaper. but that will probably fade as well. i don't know what my problem is! i have a strange suspicion that i am going through color anxiety. i don't know if that is a real thing, but it should be. as a first time home owner, i was initially excited to do fun, bold, eccentric things to the walls... but now i'm totally freaking out about it and feel like white is really safe. ugh. 

anyway. that has nothing to do with today's post. ok, maybe a little. i'm going to be sharing about our current master bedroom. i did a room tour 2 years ago and it seriously has not changed at all so i'm just going to re post the same pictures. so here you go. 

we bought the bed years and years ago at a furniture store down in San Diego and i'm not sure if it's still there. i loved it the minute i laid my eyes on it and i love it still. it's just classic and timeless. best money we ever spent. the nightstands are IKEA, as well as the lamps. and the curtains. and sheets. (none of which i can find to link.)

and the bookcase. we must like IKEA or something. heh. the quilt is Dwell Studio for Target from several years ago. i still love it but no longer want it to be the focal point of the room. 

i made some random "art" for the ridiculously huge walls, to try to fill them up or something, but the walls just look bigger and the canvases look really small. it might be good to take an interior design class on SCALE. for reals. 

the mirror is a yard sale score, a friend bought it for me for $5. i spray painted it yellow. it will not make the transfer to our new room, but it will get a nice shiny coat of white and be passed down to Little A's room. the floating vases are from Pottery Barn, from like an eternity ago. the dresser was a craigslist purchase that got a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. i already sold it and now my clothes are currently in boxes and laundry baskets on the floor. just the way i like it. kidding. sort of. 

we bought a mid-century dresser set from craigslist that will be our new bedroom set, but it is in the garage until it gets a little face lift. my husband doesn't want to move it up the stairs and then down again in a month, so my clothes will be getting packed up early! don't mind me if you see me in the same outfit for the next month!

and for reals. i said month. WE ARE MOVING IN A LITTLE MORE THAN A MONTH. i seriously can't wait. i've almost sold all i can of the things we aren't taking to the new house, and now it's time for serious business packing to happen. and in true to me fashion, all i want to do is sew. 

someone intervene. i'm so so excited to move but paralyzed at the laundry list of tasks that lie ahead. i have a problem. this happens every time. 

maybe i'll just sell it all and then i won't have to pack!