Wednesday, January 29, 2014

we made it home!

oh man, i realize there has been quite a break from my last surge of posts. i had quite a bit of time on my hands between signing the paperwork in October to our actual move in January to just dream about the new house, and then it was go time. we moved on the 10th and have been settling in for the past couple of weeks. i still haven't unpacked by real camera, so all my pictures of the house are from my iphone. i wanted to share some of the early stages of the house from the first few days. it doesn't look like this anymore, but it's fun to document the crazy. 

this is right after we got the keys. 
kitchen, looking into the living room

"eat in" kitchen

new couch! living room

top of the stairs, we call it "the landing"

snagged this picture mid-move. first time home owners! never thought this day would come.

that was all i was able to capture before it became crazy town. here are some pictures from the next day or two.

 master bedroom (his side)

her side (i made the bed between pics)

this room gets the best natural lighting, i love it!

master bath, sink. the toilet and shower are just to the right

Big A's room. we had sold his bunk beds and ordered him a new bed, but it hadn't arrived yet. 

Little A's room. if a room could be a hot mess, this was it.

"the landing" will eventually become our office area. i have plans to convert the changing table into a desk and add some floating shelves above for storage. 

the living room. no TV yet so the kids were glamping with the laptop

eat in kitchen. the table fits perfectly!

i will post updated pictures of what it looks like now later. we are mostly unpacked, the only things left are storage necessities. we lost some of that storage space downsizing from a two car garage to a one car garage... so we need to get creative there. also, my husband's work moved their offices and we acquired all of his books that he stored there... and lost a bookshelf in our bedroom. so we have about 10 boxes of books with no home. 

all in all, it was a pretty smooth move and we are happy to be in our new home! we love it. it's still in progress but the little things like art, painting, and hanging family pictures will take time.