Friday, June 11, 2010

sock pig (or zebra?)

here are my amateur sewing skills at their best! i recently checked out Sock and Glove from my local library and was instantly motivated to make as many little cuddly animals as possible. an attempt to make my own armadillo pattern had to be put to rest, but i might revive it later. this little guy is supposed to be a pig, but i am afraid it looks more like a zebra. is it just the striped glove i used, or does the actual shape resemble a zebra more than a pig?

big A and little a taking over my job as photo stylist. apparently i was seriously lacking in my styling skills.

big A sneaking his way into the picture. he's so cute, i think i'll keep him in!

little a giving kisses.

i guess it is a pig after all!

i have a bear in the works. and maybe a chipmunk. we'll see.


  1. oh geeez those are cute....i wanna come make one with you!!!

  2. Cute! I'll have to check that book out!

  3. I want some...for myself!!!!

  4. Love the sock animals! Pig with stripes...must be a hybrid:)


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