Sunday, August 1, 2010

bridal shower

last month i helped throw a bridal shower for one of my besties. i feel like it was so long ago at this point so i'm trying to remember all the excitement from the day to make for an interesting post. hmm. nothing's coming to me. eh.

here are some photos of the details.

i was pretty much in charge of all the decorations. i had big visions of an amy atlas dessert table and a vintage table setting complete with china, linens and wildflowers... but my lack of budget and resources kept me grounded. i did manage to make a few "vintage inspired" crafts.

these paper hearts were inspired from a great etsy artist, bookity. she does rad things with old books.

this wreath was also inspired by bookity, but i think i went wrong by making my cones a little too tight! this thing took FOR-EV-ER... and is super heavy. but i still like it!

the favors were "cupcakes in a jar". i got this super cute idea from cakies, except i used the strawberry lemonade cupcake recipe from ISLY.

i made a few semi-homemade changes for time sake. boxed cake mix and trader joe's lemon curd. they were SWEET... but really good!


  1. Wow tara nothing short of amazing, i am consistently impressed with your work [paper] yet i am now in falling in love with your blog post...yur doin it tara! What kind if camera do you have? Love your setups, lighting and style, goid work ;D

  2. i'm a little embarassed to say because it's SOOO old! but hey, at least i have a camera, right!? it's a kodak easy share, circa 2005... as far as lighting goes... i try to stick with natural. if i'm not getting good natural light from a window i try to supplement with a light in another room or something... don't take my advice as professional though... i don't really know what i'm talking about! thanks for the love! miss you!

  3. I think this is a good time to remind you that when I get married you are soooo helping me with everything because I am in love with this post! Those little paper hearts??? LOVE THEM! Hee hee! Love you Tara!


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