Sunday, October 31, 2010

birthday wishes

tomorrow is my birthday and i love presents. i have been dreaming of things that i think would make great gifts, because they're all the things i want. a girl can dream, can't she?

1. navy blue jack purcell's, size 8
2. melissa button frye boots, size 8
3. tweed blazer from emerson made. or anything from that shop. seriously.
4. hoop earrings from melissa joy manning. every girl needs an essential like hoops.
5. left handed calligraphy set.
6. ok, ANY jewelry from melissa joy manning, like this sweet and delicate bracelet.
7. 4 edge wine glasses from crate & barrel. my sweet mom surprised me with a set of 8 one christmas and only 4 have survived the years.
8. aspen dinnerware from crate & barrel. i have some nice black & white damask dinnerware right now but i'm looking to tone it down a bit.
9. *see #6.
10. dwell studio for target bedding.
11. blasippa bedding from ikea. our room needs a makeover, and quick!

this list also doubles as a christmas list. *wink*

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