Monday, September 10, 2012

monday inspiration: beautiful baubles

happy monday everyone! i am currently smelling my dinner for Life Group tonight that has been in the slow cooker for 16 hours whilst eating a chocolate cupcake. weird combo. 

anyway, i wanted to share with you my recent obsession in modern rings, organically shaped with natural stones. its kind of all the rage right now, but i have been loving this style for several years and wonder if it's something i want to commit to. 

my current wedding set is a simple thick white gold band and a solitaire princess cut diamond. classic but i haven't been loving it since i had kids, almost 6 years ago! the diamond sits too high on the band and the sharp edges constantly scratch my kids or snag my clothes. 

it's a beautiful diamond, but doesn't really have any sentimental value other than the fact that it's the ring we got married with. (i ordered it through a friend of my boss's at the time who was a diamond importer and he shipped it fedex. the first time my husband saw it i was already wearing it!) 

have i told you this story already? i feel like i have. maybe it's cause its on my mind so much lately. 

No.1} dangarang. maybe if i just get a new setting and turn the diamond on it's side so its just a little "different"?? 

No. 2} so lovely and simple. (similar

No.3} this would be a good right hand, index finger ring. certain rings just need certain fingers. 

No. 4} THIS ring makes my heart stop. (no original site found for link)

No. 5} charming and natural. (no original site found for link)

No. 6} organically shaped and stunning. although it looks like it could slice you open if angled right.... hmmm.

No. 7} the perfect signet ring.

No. 8} again, heart stopping. 

so, based on this little gathering of things that are equally slaying me and calming me with utter serenity, i feel like at least a new setting would suffice. 

what's your opinion? 

the original classic or a modern twist?

love, tara


  1. these are fab. and agreed... #6 & 8 made me fall-out-of-my-chair-swoon.

  2. um, i meant 4 & 8. but 6 is rad too :)

  3. I love: 1, 4, 5, & 8...sorry, that probably wasn't any help! :S

  4. Love 1, 4 and 8! Makes a statement and looks timeless! *sigh*

  5. 1 & 8 are to die for! 5 is my wedding band but in gold by Melissa Joy Manning. Obviously, I'm a big fan of that one too.


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