Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

oh happy day

this year, for my birthday (in November) i would like a Churro party. everyone make sure my husband knows.

totally off topic.

so, it's officially Spring Break! my babies are home from school, no one is rushing us out the door in the morning (me), no homework, the sun is out and shining, and Easter is quickly approaching... which means we get to get ready for fun crafts!

but what i'm really trying to say is, as much as all that is true and fun, it means more work for mom, right? (RIGHT?!) the kids have expectations of being entertained day and night, they think we have endless amounts of money to go on fun excursions to Boomer's and John's Incredible Pizza. Easter is coming, which means i have to come up with crafts.... and that means my house gets messy and my OCD flairs up. on top of it all, i still have to cook and clean. and i don't get to sleep in because i don't have teenagers yet.

someone invite me over for a margarita.


here's to a fun, family-filled, spring break! i really am excited about it.


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