Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas crafts

i have been so busy lately i haven't had a chance to update this little blog with any of the Christmas crafts i have done.

first of all, due to my busyness i haven't been able to make any NEW crafts, so all the crafts i'm showing you today are from last year. i hope to correct this problem very soon before my poor kids go a whole holiday without crafting.

here is my lovely "joy & merriment!" bunting that is adorning my mantle. the inspiration for this was found on Wedding Chicks blog last year around this time. the talented ladies from Posh Paperie have so many great ideas up their sleeves.

excuse my mantle, we are renters and don't really care to invest in painting and updating the fireplace for a place we don't own... but i have my dreams.

i also made some "cinnamon cookie cutouts" last year FOR my kids (read: they did not help... i wouldn't let them because i'm that OCD.) this inspiration comes from Martha Stewart. i wanted to make shapes my kids would love and did a bird, rocket, and race car. they love them.

i think i'll make more of these this year and let my kids help this time... maybe.

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