Thursday, November 25, 2010

Corn husk Wreath

LAST YEAR i was inspired by this Martha Stewart corn husk garland. i have an avid love for corn husk that stems back to elementary school when i made corn husk dolls every year. i have like, 68567687 corn husk dolls now and was very excited to see that i could do something else a little more grown up with my favorite holiday craft material. i chose to use the tutorial to make a wreath for starts.

i will say that i had to change a few things from the "Martha way" to make it a little easier. her tutorial suggests using wire to wrap the cornhusk, which i found shredded my finger tips to bits. so i decided to use white floral tape. much softer, indeed. this is what i'm going to do with all the left over corn husk i have.

Happy Thanksgiving! i can't wait to start posting about Christmas crafts. (i know this is supposed to be a blog about the invitations and stationery that i make, but i've been making TONS of crafts lately and really want to share them. i have a few weddings in the works so i will share about them soon, promise!)

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