Monday, March 7, 2011

Our House: The Entryway

so, right now i'm about to share 4 photos of the same thing. yep. that's how i roll. 

this is entryway. entryway, meet blogisphere. 

the entryway is graced with my most favorite piece of furniture in our whole house. its original purpose of use is a changing table, but since my youngest was old enough to seriously damage something by plummeting off of it 2 YEARS AGO (!) it has found new use as our entryway table/office storage system. i inherited her from my late Tia Diana. she passed away when i was 18 and my dad thought i would like it. good looking out dad! i feel like i should name her. not sure what though. any suggestions?

i finally got around to throwing some stuff up on the wall above (insert table name HERE). several weeks ago i hung out with the increds Cherish. i was having an "i-need-to-escape-my-house-and-sick-children" moment and she came to my rescue. we popped out a couple of these gorgeous wreaths. heart her. heart her wreaths.

i'm totally in love with it. that's why i had to post so many pictures. 

i also could not stop myself from making a micro-mini banner to strew across the top. 

alas, i love entryway all the more. what do you think? have you ever named random objects like furniture or plants? i've had several cars names Ginga over the past couple years... i think the table looks like an Olive, or maybe Sage since she's kind of a sage green color??? 


  1. it looks so great & i heart you too. i gotta get me one of those plates i am in love

  2. so very pretty... did you know the little green dresser/table thing in my dining area was my changing table when I was a tiny babe??

  3. LOVE IT!! SO jealous that you and Miss Cherish hang out! I wanna hang out with you gals!!

  4. i have that cute letter plate from anthro in an s,k&f! love!


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