Thursday, March 8, 2012

i like to share. sometimes.

i mean, i USUALLY share... but not when it comes to my food. i never share my food. not even with my kids. its like i grew up with 12 siblings and had to fight them off or something, but i totally didn't. weird. 

anyway. i want to share something, but i'm feeling a bit strange about it. a couple days ago, or maybe weeks (can't remember) i instagramed and facebooked these cute little chore charts i printed out for my littles. a bunch of people wanted to know where they were from and i was happy to oblige. until just now. when i was looking the link up.

you see, i didn't make them. a little website called did, but they no longer exist. i have the PDF file because i saved it onto my computer. 

so... i don't know what to do. i don't want ANYONE TO THINK I'M STEALING THIS because i'm not. I DID NOT MAKE THIS. i just want to share because it's so genius. right? so don't tell on me. and if you did make this and you want me to remove it i totally will. but you should start your little site back up because there is demand for this stuff. 

anyway, here it is. 

MODECOKIDS CHORE CHART, not mine. theirs. 

side story: be careful what kind of chores you assign your preschool aged children. like, taking their plates to the sink when they're done with their food. especially when you have glass plates. because this might happen. 

and then 5 days later it might happen again. 

just saying. 

my cautionary tale is now over. 

peace and i'm out.


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