Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what we wore wednesday + giveaway winner

ok, let's get down to business. time to announce the winner of the giveaway!

lisa, i'm so excited! contact me via email at to claim your prize! i can't wait to customize a mini-poster for you. 

this was such a fun giveaway because i got a little insight into people's baby naming process and the meaning behind some great names. loved it. 

now for some clothes.

shirt Marshalls / jeans Marshalls / heels Ann Taylor / necklace Buffalo Exchange / cuff thrifted / what i did a quick little library run

here we are attempting to get some new scenery. i was thinking the brick wall and fence would be a nice background... but with my littles as the photographers we got all the yucky spike balls and dirt. i need to start rethinking my photo backgrounds. anyone in Fresno know of good places? i think i'll also start taking pics in the afternoon since this morning light is so harsh. thanks for bearing with me as i figure out how to use a real camera vs. instagram! haha

i am currently growing out my bangs and, oh man, it is tough. all i want to do is cut them again! this in between phase is killing me. have you ever had bangs? did you resort to headbands for 6 months, like i want to... or do you have a magic tip you can share!?!

{Big A}
shirt gifted / jeans Cherokee from Target / shoes Old Navy / what he did reserved his right not to wear a jacket in the chilly morning air 

{little a} 
dress gifted / jacket Target / shoes Target / tulle hair bow made by me / puppy gifted / what she did singing... always singing, and working the patterns

UPDATE: i know last week my what we wore wednesday post was a little heavy and i wanted to give a little update. i am currently reading a book called "Parenting with Love & Logic" by Foster Cline & Jim Fay. the main principal behind it is to stop taking unnecessary control over your kids life and allow them to learn responsibility through natural consequences. being the natural control freak that i am, i really feel like this book is giving me some great practical tips on giving up control and giving them choices so they feel more in control. 

anyway, things are getting better. slowly. but definitely better. i feel more patient, my heart is more calm. and i've seen both my kids work out problems for themselves and ask me for help with it's beyond them. its great to see them figure it out without me having to lecture them. 

have you read it? did it work for you? i'm not done and still trying to decide whats best for our family, but so far i like it. 

happy wednesday!


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  1. Love you, Tara! Miss you mucho. And your crazy cute kids! Love, Bekah


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