Tuesday, July 24, 2012

new dinnerware + linen napkins

guys, my table is super fancy right now! and for no special reason.

i know, i know... you're all... whoa, what? you can't just be gone from blogging for more than a month and then be all up in our face with a fancy table! we're not your booty call, that you can just show up whenever you want and expect some love...

sorry guys, i totally understand. i guess i'm just struggling to commit to this internet relationship. but you know what? i do like you, a lot. just trying to figure out if i want to be married or just date you occasionally. it's not you. it's me. 


wow, there are a lot of awkward relationship references going on right now. sorry. 

anyway, like i said. my table is fancy. before i took my long break from blogging (which was to join my husband in San Diego for 4 weeks of summer camp at Hume SD), in an effort to find something unimportant to take away the stress of packing my entire family for 4 weeks, i decided it would be a good idea to make a dozen linen napkins... that we wouldn't be using for over a month... just because... it wasn't like i had anything else to do... like pack....

and a few weeks before we left i went garage selling with my good friend and scored on some white dinnerware! i don't know if you remember how much i've been wanting white dinnerware, but here's a reminder. i used my new napkins and dinnerware as an opportunity to set my table up all fancy. 

and the best part was that the kids helped! they loved joining in the assembly line and layering all the pieces. after i took pictures we enjoyed an equally fancy lunch of hot dogs, carrots, and cottage cheese with apple sauce. CLASSY. they were excited and that's all that matters. 

the dishes are Centura by Corning and i hear they are actually real vintage. i looked up purchasing a couple bowls and one bowl is running $15 to replace. i got 10, 6 piece place settings for.... $10!!!! so excited. 

for the napkins, i purchased several yards of linen in the color Lake (its a deep teal if you can't tell in the pictures) and used this sewing tutorial to make 10 mitered napkins. the latte bowls are from Anthro, and my silverware and water glasses are from Ikea.

i love my table this way. the kids want to keep it this way "FOREVER!!!"... now i just need to host a dinner party so other people can enjoy it!



  1. I LOVE itttttt. Especially your score on dishes!

  2. lovely lovely lovely! i'll come over ;)

  3. The color "lake" looks great on your table. I still can't believe you whipped out cloth napkins like that! Awesome white dinnerware score. And I love the whole intro to this blog post...hilarious!


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