Tuesday, June 12, 2012

library tote bag

guys. i made a tote bag this morning. 

we go to the library every week. it's part of our Wednesday routine. when we check out books we usually go way over the limit of 25 books and i shove them all into a reusable grocery bag. i have destroyed several already and my shoulder usually aches by the end of the trip from trying to carry them all to the car. 

what can i say, we love books. 

i have had it set in my mind to make a tote back that was large enough to contain all the books we get, and somehow be reinforced by its own wrap around handle. i scoured the internet for hours trying to find the perfect tutorial. here is the one i used. it was so easy! it probably took an hour. 

the only think i changed from the tutorial was instead of sewing the handle ends together, i tied them in a knot. i could foresee them coming undone with the weight of all the book and wanted to ensure this wouldn't happen. 

i got my denim from a nasty curtain panel purchased at goodwill for $1. the material i used for the lining was the light gray cotton leftover from my daughter's quilt. i have TONS of denim left over and am going to attempt a maxi dress for my daughter. not sure how a denim maxi dress would look. what do you think? 

anyway, i love it. 

can't wait for tomorrow so i can fill 'er up with new books!


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