Friday, August 10, 2012

Anniversary + Family Pictures

oh man, yesterday my husband and i celebrate 9 years of marriage! woot woot. 9 is such a big number but it went by super fast. i feel pretty privileged to have been chosen by this man and to have been blessed with the kids we have and to be living this life with these people. 

and to top it off my sweet and talented friend, Jackie Wonders, who so lovingly shares her gift of photography with us, just sent me all our family photos she captured for us while we were down in San Diego this summer. i think these are my favorite! 

so, get ready. cause i'm gonna show you all my favorites. which is pretty much all of them. 

you're welcome. 

i just love them so much. i can't stop looking at them. 

Dominic, you are such a good man. you love me more than i could ever ask for or expect and serve me selflessly even when it is not returned. you are patient with me and know how to lead me when i'm feeling lost. but most importantly, you are a Godly man that loves and serves the Lord with all your heart, and that overflows onto us. i cherish all the good and bad we have gone through and look forward to many more years along your side. 

cheers to nine years! 


p.s. jackie, you are amazing. i can't thank you enough. you are a pivotal tool in helping us document and capture the years that are most easily forgotten. there aren't words that would be enough to describe my appreciation, but hopefully my walls covered in your work is a glimpse! i love you sweet friend. 


  1. Love the family pictures! Well done Jackie . . . you had some beautiful subjects!!

  2. love love love these pictures! especially the colors! so adorable!

  3. Very nice! Jackie you're the best....and the family is kind of cute too.

  4. These pictures make me so happy. I love you guys, and Jackie you have done it once again. Beautiful photos, beautiful family!

  5. Love the bright colors. My favorite is the one where Amalya is looking up at Asher. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Love, love, love 'em.


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