Wednesday, August 1, 2012

what we wore wednesday

hey everyone! happy hump day. (sidenote: i get why they call Wednesday "hump day".. because it's the middle of the week, also known as the hump... but it always makes me think of humping. am i alone in this? i don't think so.)

so for this extra special hump day Wednesday post i'll be sharing what my daughter and i wore to her birthday party at The Victoria Rose Tea House in Clovis. we had such a fun time being girly. i let her put very light make up on, and we picked out some special accessories to wear. this is the best part about having a daughter. 

little a is wearing a sweet girly dress from TJMaxx that was gifted from my parents, silver ballet flats from Nordstrom's Rack, and all accessories were a gift from her Nana! i am wearing a hand-me-down dress from H&M, nude heels from Bandolino, and my accessories are from Express from a super long time ago. i think we are in the perfect tea party apparel. 

whilst taking Thelma & Louise style portraits, we were photo bombed by Big A. 

good one buddy, good one. 

the birthday girl with her sweet little friends. 

we had a blast. 

now go give hump day some real meaning and hump your husband tonight. i can almost guarantee that it will make his day. 

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  1. Oh, you all look so pretty. I wish we could have been at tea. Looks like it turned out to be a wonderful time.

  2. So funny with the "hump day" references! I think the same thing when I hear Wednesday being referred to as HumpDay. Sometimes, on Wednesdays, Ian or I will text the other and say: "You know what today is?" :)

    In other ladies looked fabulous! You rocked the tea party floral dresses. And the girls in those sunglasses...adorable. Did Little A have a good tea?

    P.S. Love the pic of Big A stealing your close-up shot!


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