Thursday, October 31, 2013

coffee table round-up

hey everyone! happy halloween! i just sent the kids off to school and we are all excited to go trick-or-treating tonight. Big A is going to be a rockstar and little a is going to be Ariel on her wedding day. if you know my kids well, you know that these costumes suit them perfectly. 

and as excited as i am about the fun later tonight... today, my post has nothing to do with halloween. i've put together a round-up of coffee tables because there are so many great ones out there and i can't decide which one to pick. so i need your help. check them out!

ok, so as you are considering the options, keep in mind that i would like to eventually have a fauxdenza in the living room, under the TV... and also that my bar stools will be visible because the bar separates the living room from the kitchen and the stools will be on the living room side. let's continue:

1 // i love the modern and clean design of this round table and think it would pair well with the fauxdenza, but it's a little high in price for my budget.

2 // this would not be my first pick, but it could add a fun design element and spice things up a bit with it's worldly carvings. also more than i would want to spend on a table.

3 // i love this marble top, clean, and simple table. it is just so pretty and it could tie in with both the fauxdenza and stools. lots of $$$ though...

4 // this is MY number one pick. i am so inspired by the blog House Tweaking and how all her pieces flow so nicely together. i love her coffee table and this one is pretty close. and also it's the cheapest coffee table out of all of these.

5 // this one is my husbands number one pick because it's multifunctional. he likes how it looks, a little industrial, but also that it has a second shelf for storage. we could put some baskets under there. while i think it would look great with the stools, i'm worried about how it would look with the fauxdenza... what do you think? 

6 // this is my husband's second pick. it's a better price than #1 (more than $100 cheaper!) and has a similar look. i could get into it. 

7 // this one is closer to our budget, and would keep with the warm tones around the house. my husband thinks it looks too much like an accordion though. 

8 // ok, here's the deal. as is, i don't love this table. but this blog has a great DIY (hint: they whitewash the top!!) that WOULD make me love it. it's cheap and i think would look great with both the stools and fauxdenza (they have a fauxdenza, too! doesn't it look good next to it?). baskets underneath could help with extra storage and it would require minimal work to make it perfect. 

so, there you have it. my husband and i can't agree. some of them are perfect as is, but will it work with the overall look and tie all other pieces together? and some require a little extra help. then there's the issue of round vs. rectangular (my side tables are round... FYI)... 

which is your favorite?

xo, tara

p.s. sorry about all the times i wrote the word fauxdenza... it's a pretty obnoxious word, i was starting to annoy myself!


  1. first comment!! number 5 jumped out at my before i read anything. the second shelf is clutch!!

  2. If I had to pick for you- I'd go with number 7 for a couple reasons. The darker/warmer wood would tie in with the fauxdenza- and you could coordinate the knobs with the antique brass. Also- a round shape can be great to break up all the rectangular furniture most of us have in our living rooms. Can you tell I wish my coffee table was round/oval? :) My only concern is that it is big enough for your space (maybe it's just right though). Good luck- you have great taste and really they all are cool.


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