Saturday, October 19, 2013

kitchen inspiration

i have some really exciting news to share, and if you follow me on instagram, you already know what it is!

some of you may remember the almost house and all my dreams for it from two years ago... a few days away from closing escrow we backed out of our dream home. we wanted to make sure that our finances were in order before committing to home ownership. well, another opportunity to buy a home has come to us and we are taking it! we put the down payment and signed all the paperwork yesterday! i'm so excited! this new house will be a downsize for us, but we are excited about it. we're losing about 300 square feet and we will feel it most in the dining room area. in fact, there is no dining room. we will need a small 4 person round table to fit into the kitchen. until we can upgrade a few years from now i will be storing my beautiful 8 person table in the garage.

well, i'm back to dreaming and since i am such a high dreamer, an inspiration board was necessary. here is my vision for my smaller but still stylish and highly functional kitchen & dining space.

after seeing this inspiration board i completely fell in love and felt like it was just "ME". i call it modern rustic. what would you call it? so here is my own spin on it, i hope my husband feels the same! haha.

1//i just love the colors in this print, i think it will pick up some of the colors in the curtains for the living room, which is REALLY close by 
2//getting the most out of the drawer and cabinet space will be high priority, and i would love to also make it pretty with this bamboo drawer organizer
3//another print from the same designer, love it
4//i think 2 of these pendant lights would e pricey but also look amazing over the bar separating the living room and kitchen
5//and this pendant light would be just as amazing over the dining table
6//the turkish tea towels are all cotton and apparently super soft
7//these knit bags would make a fun twist on a fruit bowl
8//rustic cutlery with wood details ties in all the warm tones
9//4 faux sheep skin rugs at such a good price draped over the dining chairs would be so comfy
10//there really isn't anywhere to store our large plastic (read: ugly) trash cans, so i wouldn't mind this pretty tin one being in full view
11//i'm totally addicted to enamel cookware right now, and West Elm has such a pretty line right now
12//cabinet space will be pushed to it's limits so a little extra storage couldn't hurt
13//this cowhide rug would be a splurge, but i really good one!
14//more enamel ware, LOVE!
15//i have loved these chairs for a long time!
16//this is such a good price for a tulip table
17//this rifle paper print would look lovely with the other two

so what do you think? what color should the walls be? i love bold colors but i have a lot of bold accents (like aqua and emerald green)... so many things to consider when you can actually make big changes in your own home! i'm sure you'll being seeing more inspiration boards in the weeks to come. 

any since my birthday is coming up in less than two weeks (and Christmas!!) you can consider this my wish list. wink. 

xo, tara

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