Saturday, April 9, 2011

a hunting we will go...

for awesome trash treasures that other people don't want anymore.

i've been getting into some antique/thrift store shopping lately. i've gone on several adventures, some with friends, some with my Mr., and some with my family. i realized that i haven't shared any of what i've been purchasing with you, shame on me! i know you're DYING to know what i got. right?

this aluminum pitcher was $2.00. it's totally stained but i think i found a tutorial online about removing stains from aluminum by boiling it in cream of tartar??? what? i know. we'll see how it goes. i still love it. (also, i'm TERRIBLE at flower arrangement. i couldn't do it to save my life. notice how i shoved way to many flowers in that thing and it doesn't even look cute. oh well. i try.)

 i also found this cute little wire heart shaped basket thingy for $.25. it looks so cute above my daughter's bed. it's totally throwing my OCD off by making the wall off-centered. but i'm trying to be better at finishing projects and i thought just hanging it would make me feel better. i better get something up on the other side, and quick! i'm thinking of designing a faux cross stitch poster of a bible verse or something. hmmm.

this little gem was $3.00. it's got significant meaning. my Mr. was named after this song. (now you all know his real name. GASP! hehe) i'm not sure what we're going to do with it but i just had to get it for him. 

the little milk hobnob glass vase in the front was $2.00. the other two in the back are milk glass given to me by my husband's late grandpa. i loved him dearly and am going to start a collection because i think he would like it. like my bookshelf? me too. i love it even more now that it's color coordinated. (more evidence that i'm really OCD) (i'm sure people who are TRULY ocd hate me. but i really am, a little. i count my steps from the car to the front door, and if one arm gets touched i have to touch the other to make it even. CRAZYTOWN. i know.) 

these babies were a gift from the sweetest gift of all, my stepmom. who should really be my real mom. she's like Joseph to Jesus, the mom God chose to raise me. love her with all my heart. she and my dad came up for a weekend visit and we perused an antique store with kids in tow. NOT A GOOD IDEA. my daughter was all, "oooo, a TEA PARTY!" as soon as we walked into a really nice antique store with LOTS of breakables in low places. we were there for all of five minutes when i couldn't handle telling her to put her hands in her pockets anymore, and she wouldn't let me hold her. we made it out unscathed. whew. 
but you better bet that as soon as naptime rolled around we made a beeline straight for that same store, sans babies. i scored this precious little plate set for $5. they're so cute and dainty and i just love the little designs on them. i think i'll put them in our bedroom somewhere. now if i can only find the smallest plate hangers IN THE WORLD. 

i'm still training my eye for awesome finds. i feel like i miss all the good stuff when i'm out and about... but i guess it's something you have to learn. my stepmom is a PRO. she's been doing it for years and knew all sorts of little facts and things to look out for so you don't get jipped. where has she been all my life?!?! how come, now that i live 6 hours away, i'm just discovering we could have been doing this all along. sad day. 

at least i can look forward to more adventures with her to come. do you like to go alone, or with someone special? what do you usually like to get, clothes or home goods? or something totally different? 

hope you like my treasures!


  1. love it all! super cute finds :) I will not take the kids either which totally limits my shopping time :) maybe that will make the finds that much more sweet


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