Monday, April 11, 2011

our house: boy's room

so, after my last post i realized that i've shown you more of my daughter's room than my son's. we all know how i love evenness, so here is a post full of pictures of my son's room and an inspiration board of his my dream room.

for the first 3.5 years of Big A's life he was totally and completely obsessed with cars. thus began the plan to decorate his room full of all things car related. then BAM, one day someone gave him a set of underwear with Spiderman on them, and he was all, "ooo, who's that!?!?!". and from that moment on he could care less about cars. sad day. (were you like me when you were little and felt sorry for the toys that didn't get played with as much as your favorites so you tried to do a calendar of "playdates" so they would all get an even rotation of playtime with you? oh, good. i'm glad i'm not alone.) anyway, now that he loves superheroes i'm trying to save my pennies to transition him out of the car theme.

before we moved to Fresno, i let him pick his favorite bedroom colors from the Serena & Lily catalog and this is what he picked. not only is it cute, but the bedding collection is his name. double rainbow. check out those awesome red school chairs. i love them.

i was so lucky when a friend of mine had these two beauties left over from a community garage sale that she let me have!!! i ran straight to Home Depot and grabbed a can of red spray paint and finally got around to finishing them this weekend. 

 only now they make that big empty spot on the wall look even more massive. i'm working on designing and purchasing some posters and getting some of his baby pictures printed to fill it up. stay tuned for that.

 free bookshelf that needs to up it's cuteness factor. 

 the car bedding. i am still SOOOO in love with it and will probably hoard it for the rest of my life, but it doesn't even fit his bed and he's ready to be a big boy... 
this used to be my dad's dresser when he was little. then my brother used it. i snatched it up when my dad was letting it rot in the backyard and switched out the knobs. i have plans to strip it and repaint it, but not til its nice and hot this summer. 

ok, here's the inspiration board. drumroll please...

2. loving these pendant lamps. if only we weren't renters. and if only it didn't get to like 115 degrees in the summer where a ceiling fan was super necessary.
3. i really want to make 2 of these quilts for his bunkbed. they look easy enough. 
4. coolest rug, ever.
5. these storage crates would look AMAZING under his window for toy storage. 
6. whipped up this little ditty when i was inspired by another poster that i cannot find to credit for the life of me. if you've seen it let me know!

ok, now it's more even. although, now you've seen way more of my son's room than my daughter's. oh crap. guess i better start working on her room tour. 

what do you think?

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