Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smitten Saturday

since Mother's Day is a week away i thought it would be nice to share some things on my wish list. 

{hint, hint, Mr.} 

most of the items on my list are in a pretty good price range so they won't break the bank. i would be happy with any one of them!

also, i was thinking about starting a weekly post, sharing all the things that make me smitten.


No. 1} i have a very bold, black and white damask dinnerware set and would love something white, but still with a touch of pretty. i think these NeoBaroque dishes would do the trick! at $160 for an 8 piece set, it's the most expensive thing on my list. but, oh how i love it!!!

No. 2} silver bangles, classic and timeless. 

No. 3} i have been on the hunt for a beautiful teapot to replace the nasty IKEA teapot we've had for way too long. Le Creuset has the most beautiful colors and i know it will last FOREVER. plus, my kitchen could use a little pop of color right around the stovetop area... just saying.

No. 4} my friend Allyson makes the most beautiful double sided silhouette necklaces and i think it would be so sweet to wear each of my babies close to my heart. 

No. 5} Seattle's Best coffee. in any shape or form, at any time of the day. it truly is the best.

No. 6} silver hoop earrings. also classic and timeless.

No. 7} i just love this graphic designer. her prints are awesome. i think my walls are crying out for one to be hanging on them. especially this one of California. i would customize it with a little heart over San Diego. cause that's where my heart is. (Fresno is growing on me... don't worry all you Fresnonians? ... Fresnites? ... Fresnoans? ... what are you guys called, anyway???)

No. 8} this mama needs some new jammies, QUICK! the free camp t-shirt and 10 year old flannel pants ARE NOT sexy. therefore, it would be an investment for both my Mr. and i to get me some ultra comfy and super sexy jammies, STAT. i know my man says he doesn't care what i look like, but i'm pretty sure he's lying. 

i love presents. sometimes they're hard for me to receive because i instantly think about what else the money could have been used for, but they truly do make me feel special. {sidenote to my honey: if you don't get me any of these things i will still know you love me! no pressure!}

what's on your wish list for Mother's Day? mani/pedi? sleeping in? breakfast in bed? ALONETIME??? haha. if you're a mom i hope it's amazing because being a mom is hard work!


  1. I feel ya on the pajamas. I still wear my old soccer jersey from high school to bed. Yeah, let's pump up the sexiness.

    My fave is that teapot!

  2. i don't know how anything could top all you got last mother's day. but, i do hope you get at least one thing off your list!

  3. wow i love everything you have on your list. its like we are present soul mates!


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