Thursday, May 5, 2011

now that my shop is open...

i would love some honest feedback. i put 3 new bunting in the shop and i'm feeling a little clingy. i think it's because it's scary to put yourself out there and not know what people are thinking! ah! so bare with me as i figure out all this new business stuff. 

so what do you honestly think about the bunting i've made? do you like the colors, style, PRICE? (i have no idea how to price these things, what would you pay for one?) 

i know i'm totally being the needy high school girlfriend who calls every five minutes and just breathes on your voicemail right now, which can't be good for business... but i figure i want to make a product that people will fall in love with and feel good paying their hard earned money for. everything i've read says you need to be confident and not ask for comments and stuff.... but there aren't very many other people selling these types of things for me to use as an example. 

so, will you walk through this process with me as i am the guinea pig? 

thanks for understanding. love you all!


  1. They look great! We love the one you did for us! If we were to get another, i'd go with the one in the middle...Love. Price? No idea. I'm a guy. I'd say charge $5-$10 per letter and a $10 set up fee. So if I bought the love at $5 per letter that would be $20 for letters and $10 for set up totaling $30. If $10 per letter then $50. I think they look great! Gotta do what you have a passion for!

  2. What are they made out of? Paper, fabric, etc, and can you make them out of different things? I love all the different words you have. I think for the non-creatives, more simple, household rooms would be nice to have. Like, 'laundry' to hang in the laundry room, and then kid's names, so people know you can make personalized ones. I think with anything handmade you have to show off the quality of what you are making so people understand why it's not $20 for a banner. LOVE YOU, and so proud you are doing this!!!


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