Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smitten Saturday: a day late

on today's post for Smitten Sunday Saturday i'm going to share with you the dining room chairs that inspired a whole new make over for my dining room (in my dreams). 

i realize i didn't make a post last Saturday for Smitten Saturday. i had plans to make an inspiration board filled with all things footed, because i seriously love anything that has a little foot or pedestal on it. it just makes it so much more charming and delicate. alas, i could not find enough inspiration for a whole board. the footed bathtub and anthropologie mugs would have been sad and lonely. so i'm combining my love for all things footed with the dining room chairs i recently spotted and loved at World Market. 

back to my post: 

this is my current dining room, sans the Christmas decor. (i'd totally be nervous that i was a hoarder who couldn't put her Christmas decorations away because i had to see them to know they're still there... if i still had them up....but i don't. i promise. i've been watching a lot of Hoarders lately. heh.) the computer is no longer super ghetto at the kitchen counter with that hideous office chair, cringe. it has a desk now and can be seen here. we purchased our dining room table at the Encinitas Street Fair back in 2007. i love it. it's solid wood and weighs like 4547874367 pounds, but i love it. probably because i never have to move it. i leave that up to my Mr. (thanks honey!) our chairs are from IKEA. the art on the wall is a large piece of black and white damask wrapping paper (that matches my dinnerware) that i framed with an IKEA picture frame. we're renters so the chandelier and floating shelf came with the house and we can't change them. there is nothing about this room that i love, other than the table. 

here is my inspiration board:
No. 1} i love the modern update on these traditional serveware pieces.
No. 2} the dining room chair that started it all! i would love to see them surrounding my table. so charming & country.
No. 3} i already have these latte bowls and i love love love them. 
No. 4} cutest cake stand, ON THE EARTH.
No. 5} we would need some matching bar stools. obvi.
No. 6} isn't this the sweetest cupcake stand you ever did see? me too.
No. 7} i'm totally making this table runner. totally.
No. 8} and,  i die

ok. so i like blue. what? i'm trying to get away from the animal magnetism that the color robin's egg blue has on me by adding some shades of dark teal, emerald green and cobalt blue around the house. i'm most attracted to deep, rich, jewel tones, but my Mr. is semi-color blind so he's pretty picky and we can both agree on the the robin's egg blue. it's just starting to take over. and i'm a little scared. help. 

so what are you smitten about today? 


  1. I love your inspiration boards! And I also love that color and anything footed.

  2. those chairs are so amazing. i love them! i think i need to make a trip to world market, you are finding some amazing stuff there lately!


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