Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smitten Saturday: letter signs

i'm back! did you miss me? i missed you. my little family spent the week up at Hume Lake and enjoyed gorgeous weather, friends, and family time while my Mr. lead worship for a Youth Worker's Conference. Hume is pretty much off the grid so i wasn't able to update any posts, but have several up my sleeve to share this week! now, on to Smitten Saturday.

this week i'm totally smitten over letter signs! i've been inspired to fill every nook and cranny with vintage marquee letters that say meaningful words or big giant letters with my kids initials in their rooms. here is my round up of the ones i love out on the web.
No. 1} everything on this website is too DIE FOR! i think several bottles of glass glitter blew up in their shop and they decided not to clean up and i love it! this LOVE banner would look nice in my bedroom.

No. 2} these ornate house letters are sold out, but i would have loved to snatch them up!

No. 3} this group of 3 N's would look lovely on my mantle.

No. 4} i'm totally making this paper marquee letter, like now. it would be the perfect night light.

No. 5} this lowercase A is super cute and i would love to put it in my son's room.

No. 6} um, can these scallop mesh letters be anymore sweet? i think not. perfect for my daughter's room.

No. 7} this LOVE sign with vintage marquee letters is simply lovely.

No. 8} how perfect would this HELLO sign be in my entryway?

No. 9} gorgeous.

what are you smitten about right now?


  1. um i love all of this, my favorite is the big hello! and i miss you!! so glad you had fun at hume :)

  2. i agree- those house letters are so beautiful! they would be super cute to have


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