Thursday, October 6, 2011

what we wore wednesday


the weather forecast had been boasting rain for several days, but i wasn't going to get my hopes up. as i laid in bed early Wednesday morning, after the sound of the trash trucks slowly died out, i heard it. rain. i laid there and listened to the sweet sound of the rain tapping on my window, plinking on the gutters, and drumming on the roof. it was a glorious sound. if it hadn't been trash day it would have been the best awakening all week. 

i'm a southern California girl, so waking up to rain is still an unusual occurrence and my world. i love the dark, slow rainy mornings that have made their own song on my kitchen window. i even caught little a bobbing her head to the drumming sound. 

another reason i love the rain is that it means i get to bust out my cool weather clothes and my BOOTS! i love my boots and i have been patiently waiting for the heat to subside so i wrap them around my feet.

the picture is a bit blurry because i had our little neighbor boy take it for me. he and Big A are in kindergarten together and i take him to school on Wednesday mornings, which means he just acquired the job as our personal photographer! ha! i'm wearing a white tee with gray stripes, and a navy wrap cardi from Target, jeans from Old Navy, and my glorious Bandolino boots were a gift from my lovely mother-in-law. Big A is wearing a fleece shirt from Target, Levi's and Converse from Nordstrom's Rack, and a hand me down red windbreaker. little a is wearing a dress (without leggings, not my choice), rain boots, and rain coat all from Target.

i am including this sweet pic of Big A and i just because. he has early release on Wednesday's and gets home while little a is still napping so we seize the opportunity for some snuggle time. he's really turning into a bit of a mommy's boy, and i am loving every second. 

what's the weather like where you are? have you had a chance to snuggle up in a cozy sweater or traipse around town in lovely boots yet? i hope so!


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