Sunday, October 2, 2011

pack it up, pack it in!

yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my little family stepping out in faith, leaving our beloved family and lifelong friends to move to Fresno. we resisted at first (and even had a running joke that FresNO turned into FresYES... and we ran that joke to the ground...) but this year has really opened my eyes to the blessing it is to be here. 

yesterday also marked the day that we officially started packing. buying a house is a delicate dance of being careful to have all your ducks in a row so you don't end up homeless. we have been careful not to get too far ahead of ourselves and to guard our hearts, "just in case". but with each step the doors continue to be open, so we are walking through them. and in thirteen days we'll be moving into our very first home. something i didn't really believe would ever happen, but always dreamed of. 

and in typical "Me-Fashion", i had to make it crafty somehow. since we've saved our moving boxes with each move (this is the 10th move in 8 years of marriage!!!) they are pretty well worn. there are multiple move dates and room locations strewn across all sides. we've even loaned them out a few times so there are other people descriptions on them! what tough little boxes! 

to make this move a little more streamlined i decided to make moving labels. they are color coordinated with super cute colors, by room, with an area for date and description. they make me happy. 

i think i will also make signs to tape on the doors so anyone who might be helping will be able to find exactly where they belong.

what's that? it goes in Tara's bathroom? down stairs closet? NO! FAMILY ROOM!!!! yay.

are you moving? you can use my labels too! here are the links below:

i printed them onto Avery #5265 full sheet labels. you can find them at any office supply store. 

i also always use the Real Simple moving checklist before each move to make sure i don't forget anything important. tonight i will be spending my time cleaning a year's worth of dust off all the decorations, wrapping them in paper, and packing them in small boxes (and praying i don't get any paper cuts... or the dreadful CARDBOARD CUT! i can't even tell you how many of those i've had and how badly they hurt!). we've already taken town all our frames, and packed all our books and movies. i'll be heading to the library for the kids tomorrow to borrow books and movies until the move.

i hope you find my labels useful! 



  1. Did you ever end up making those signs for the rooms' doors?

  2. thanks so much for these! i scaled them down a bit to fit the 6-per-page avery labels, but they're exactly what i was looking for! waving the uber organized freak flag! ;)


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