Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what we wore wednesday

i'm back! man, i have been keeping myself busy since we decided not to buy the almost house, sorry i've been neglecting the blog! Big A got croup last week, i decided to make little a's Halloween costume (which i will be blogging a tutorial later!!!) shark week decided to pay me a visit... and now i'm sick! (TMI? oh well.) we are also going to make a trip down to San Diego for a long weekend to attend a wedding and spend some much needed quality time with family. and since our house is half packed, i've decided not to unpack until we return. just to make things a little less stressful. 

in the meantime i thought it would be nice to do something normal, like a What We Wore Wednesday blog post. 

on me: purple plaid linen shirt - Target, purple cardi - Target, belt - Target, jeans - Gap, boots - Bandolino. (i'm starting to see a trend in how much i shop for clothing at Target. i would totally shop other places, but Target is the only place i go. for reals.)

i really wanted to get a close up of my brooch. it was my Grandma Shirley's. i would spend the night at her house pretty often growing up and my favorite thing to do was play dress up with all her jewelry. when she passed away about 8 years ago that was what i wanted most. hence the awkward close up of me deep in thought looking in the distance with so much sun glare it covers my groggy/poofy Nyquil eyes. i was pretty strategic in that. 

look at Big A! this picture is RIDICULOUS!!!! i love him so much! this week at school is Red Ribbon week so they have a different theme for dress up everyday. today was "classy". Because "we need to out class drugs". here he is. stay classy, San Diego. HAHAHA! he is wearing a little bow tie i whipped up for "Nerd Day", which was Monday, a thrifted tuxedo shirt, a vest i made, Levi's skinny jeans, and some gifted boots. 

why sir, you look... so distinguished! he was in deep thought too. i need to teach him how to look in the distance. next week, people. next week...

little a has it down! i think here she is saying something about Big A not letting her give the neighborhood cat a hug and pushing her away. not really clear on that though... she is wearing a gifted sweater from Target, hand me down skorts, and sandals from Target (gasp!). 

after realizing it was pretty chilly today she decided to change before an adventure to the park. gifted raincoat - Target, leggings - Target, gifted tutu - not certain where it's from, converse - Nordstrom's Rack. 

here's a picture from Nerd Day (smart kids don't do drugs), just because it is so stinkin' cute! 

hope your Wednesday is amazing!


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