Thursday, December 29, 2011

activity advent calendar days 6-25

otherwise entitled: longest post on the face of the earth. you love it when i vomit all over my blog, don't you? what? no. 

i'm catching up. 

um, this blog turned lame during the month of December. i was hoping to blog all the fun activities we were doing, but instead all the activities wore me out! ha! so... even though Christmas is over i'm still going to post everything we did... because this is my blog and i make the rules!

now to catch you up on the rest of the activity advent calendar i planned for the kids. (you can see the first 5 days in this post)

Day 6: random act of service (i was hoping to have the kids do one random act of service each week, to get in the habit of thinking about others). for this one i had the kids draw pictures of decorated Christmas trees for a senior living home, but once we got there to deliver the pictures they wouldn't let us talk to any seniors. i guess they have policies about visitors and volunteers, which is great, but kind of a let down that day. we just left the pictures there in the hopes they would actually cheer someone up!

Day 7: making Christmas cards for our family members.

Day 8: decorate kids rooms with lights.

Day 9: get peppermint steamers from Starbucks.

Day 10: walk Christmas tree lane

Day 11: make playdough ornaments

Day 12: check out Christmas books from the library

Day 13: work on Christmas cards for family (this took awhile since our family is so big!)

Day 14: Big A's Kindergarten Winter Holiday party. little a joined me (the room mom) as i coordinate all the crafts and snacks for the party. she was a great little helper and we had so much fun at the party. 

these guys are supposed to be melted snowman cookies

beaded wreaths

reindeer food


Day 15: shop for sibling's gift

Day 16: make gingerbread men and family movie night was Charlie Brown Christmas

Day 17: family bike ride

Day 18: decorate cookies

we made personalized people for each family member and mailed them out as gifts.
Day 19: Christmas treat for snack

Day 20: drive around to see lights in a near by neighborhood (too many to go just once!)

Day 21: make gingerbread houses!

Day 22: mini road trip to Oakhurst, CA for family time

the way there

we found a cute little Children's Museum when we got there and they had so many awesome things inside. there were different sections for pretend play, dress up, exploring... it was so much fun. i think we stayed for close to two hours!

bank tellers

cowboy pizzeria

little a workin it on stage

fire department

that trip wore them out!

Day 23: family bowling!

we take bowling serious.

Day 24: Christmas Eve service and open one gift

Day 5: Christmas!!!

and there you have it. 

i hope your Christmas was intentional and wonderful. 



  1. Loved it...thanks for catching us up. And thanks for sharing. It's nice to see you even though we're apart. ~Bekah


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