Thursday, December 8, 2011

what we wore... and ate.

my kids are crazy. and it's all my fault. 

for reals. 

lately, my first born has been challenging EV-ER-YTHING i say with an argument, a "but why?", or a ?mOOooommmmm.....", and it's getting super old. he's also been pretty rough with the little sister. rough like, bulldozing into her so she gets whip lash and falls over, swinging her around by her arms and throwing her into stuff. and i will have you know i supervise my children, very well... it only takes A SECOND for them to get into it. one. second. like when i go pee or something. 

and little a is no better. she'll just out right smack Big A in the head because he looked at her wrong. 


but it's my fault. wanna know why? because i'm all talk. for some reason i got into the habit of "reasoning" with them, and threatening them, when i know i should be disciplining them. they are basically getting away with it and i'm watching it happen. 

i am not disillusioned. even the best parents get tired and have to backtrack in their parenting. 

that's why today we were on lock down. i've been praying that my kids will disobey first thing in the morning so i can nip it in the bud right away. 

and sure enough... before i even had breakfast on the table... Big A knocked little a down because she was going to try to sit in his chair or something... and then we marched into the bathroom, he got disciplined, then i gave him love and shared with him the right thing to do next time. 

hopefully i won't have to do too much backtracking. but i am now on my game and they will not be getting away with much. 

not sure why i shared that. just felt like it i guess. 

here's what we wore today. 

Big A chose skinny levi's with a Transformer shirt that "he's hiding from all his friends from school" under a Target hoodie that was gifted. and his shoes are from Old Navy. and i love them. i love them because the high top has FLANNEL ON IT. what. yes.

i've got a need for more flannel.

little a picked up on the love for Big A's sweet poses and is working on some of her own. looking good sweetie, looking good. she's wearing a tank and sweater from Target, both gifted. skinny cords from Carter's, thrifted. and shoes from Target. 

i also made her a bunch of cute bows this week because all the ones she had were lame. i heart gray wool felt, bows.

my dress was free, a hand me down from a neighbor. it's Gap. belt from Target. 

and a FLANNEL INFINITY SCARF. WHAT! yes. i made it. it was so easy and now i'm addicted and want to buy all the flannel in the world and give them away to all my friends but not really because i want to keep them all for myself. dang. that is a sinful heart right there. 

then i decided to make this tasty little treat. its called apple cake and will make you throw all your nasty holiday candles out so you can bake this everyday and make your house truly smell amazing. it also tastes good.

i got it from Smitten Kitchen. which is my new favorite place to find unusual and amazing goodies. 


total random sidenote: as i was at the fabric store purchasing yards upon yards of flannel (!) for our Christmas stockings i happen to see this popping out halfway down a random isle. i have no idea how i saw it, it must have been a divine intervention. i've been seeing a lot of this style print on uber hipsters and thought i would try my hand at becoming one. ha! well, i snagged myself 1/2 a yard not really knowing what i would make out of it. 

well, guess what!? i made an infinity scarf!!!! and i love it. my instagram pic made it onto Freshly Picked's instagram mashup, which makes me think maybe i am just a teensy hipster. hahaha! right.

anyway. that's what we did today. discipline. clothes. food. 



  1. so with you on the discipline. ugh.

    jeff & i both love your wednesday posts. you are too cute.

    and i want one of those scarfs. so awesome. and you are super hip. for reals.

  2. i hope you do print your blog. i hope that you see that your story is good even though its hard and not perfect. being perfect is not a good role model for kids...being real, vulnerable, repentant for mess-ups is real life.

    your blog and kiddos are uhhhdorbs.

  3. We NEED a how to on the infitinty scarves!!!!!! Love your gap dress. Love hearing about the challenges of parenting too. Your kids are SO BLESSED to you have as their mama, and D as their pop.

  4. i'm hoping that cake was paleo.....right?
    otherwise, you are just a big tease!

  5. yaaaa, r u gunna share the way to make the kute scarf? nana


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