Monday, January 30, 2012

always adore: love, sweet love

how long has it been since i've done an inspiration board? oh snap, FOREVER!

i forgot how much i love it. 

well, here it is. i'm jumping on the "another holiday is approaching so i better do a round up of all things related blog post" train and posting about some things i like to look at/ wear/eat/make for the particular holiday of Valentine's day. which has never held any special place in my heart, until i had kids and had another reason to decorate the house. 

No.1} if eyeballs could smile, this picture would make mine grin from ear to ear. what, that doesn't make sense... oh well. you get it. i like to look at these little vintage clip arts. you can download them free and have smiling eyeballs too. 

No.2} i may or may not make up a story about cupid eating one of our apples in the shape of a heart for my kids the morning of. 

No.3} heart garland. yes. 

No.4} i wouldn't mind looking at these pretty stacking rings on my fingers forever and ever. 

No.5} the perfect everyday necklace

No.6} i love these straws, but i would have trouble actually using them for fear of them getting damaged. oh no. i will be that old lady with plastic covers on her couches when i'm old. 

No. 7} dang. marbles red velvet cheesecake brownies sound like sweet sweet goodness to me. not even close to paleo. 

No.8} these Valentine's would be cute for my daughter to give her little friends. 

No.9} and i'm crushing over these Valentine's for my son to bring to all his friends at school. 

what? a box of nuts and chews from See's Candy didn't make it onto my inspiration board. well, that's a given. i will take a box, if you don't mind. then i will eat them all in one day and call it a cheat day from paleo. and i will go into a sugar coma with a smile on my face, while my teeth rot. 

do you have kids in school? what do you usually hand out for Valentine's day? i'm new to this and super exited... but don't want to go over board and make Big A be THAT kid whose mom made all his valentines. 

but i kinda do. 


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