Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living Room Tour

a while back i told you i would be giving a living room tour, after i finished my curtains. well... i finished them last week! and with my in-laws coming into town i also hyper-cleaned the whole house and seized the opportunity to take pictures for you. 

the most major changes since this old living room would be: 

No. 1} the flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace (gifted from my sweet in-laws for Christmas (shout out to my in-laws!)) which not only allowed us to get rid of the crazy old school TV sitting on top of my favorite desk but also to FINALLY anchor the furniture arrangement. we all know how my OCD gets out of hand and i have to rearrange the furniture every month. part of the reason i would get all antsy was because i hated the TV. there is no real spot for it in this living room. so, i was always trying to find a better spot for it. which didn't exsist.

No. 2} taking above said favorite desk and ACTUALLY using it as a desk. OMGAH. its life changing. we got rid of the leaning wall shelves/desk and now the desk area isn't the focal point of the room, it's an after thought. it's tucked in a little corner behind the couch and allows us the ability to have a small but fun workspace even though we don't have an office, per say. 

No. 3} wall gallery. it's still not finished but its giving the room a little more umph. it needed it. 

No. 4} sofa table. this allowed me to have a storage area for the kids crafts. we had them in the garage for a while, which didn't really work because they were out of sight, out of mind. they were also on the dining room floor for a long long time. which gave my husband headaches. now... we can craft our little hearts out all the live long day. 

No. 5} CURTAINS. i think they are my very most favorite part. they just bring so much color into the room. my husband was against the fabric at first, being that they are very floral and have BUTTERFLIES and PARROTS on them... but i seriously fell in love at first sight. then i was wise enough to lovingly share my deep abiding love with him in a very non-naggy way, for reals... and being the wonderful man that he is saw my love and let me get them. because he loves me. HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT!?!?! mmm. i just love that man. (wow... there's a lot of love happening right now. i need a new adjective.) now the only trouble is that i don't have curtain rods yet, so they are all ghetto on the rods that came with the house. as soon as we save our pennies for rods i'll hang them at ceiling height. and it will be a utopia. in my living room. 

No. 6} taking our old bedroom side tables and creating a media stand. its all about repurposing, people... 

so basically i love this living room now. it makes me happy and i'm pretty sure it makes my husband happy. even the butterflies and parrots. ok, probably not. but i'll just pretend they do. just bury it deep down inside. and never think about it. 

because it's utopia. 


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  1. Joy, bliss, merry, orgasmic, wonderment, amazement...trying to think of words to replace love...heavenly, perfection, kind-hearted...not using a thesaurus...good, generous, giving...hmm...nope...I don't believe there is a word that exists to replace "love" with the same measurement and depth. I'm glad you got your fabric, Tara. ;)


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