Friday, February 3, 2012

font love friday

i've stumbled upon some typography that just made me gasp! this is my favorite font of the week. 

remember when i posted THIS cute print in my love, sweet love inspiration board? 

well, with Valentine's day coming up {and i discovering that the font used was called Sketch Block} i just HAD to make my own smaller version for Big A to pass out to his classmates for his first Valentine's Day party. the original is way more awesome than the one i made, but kindergartners don't care! and i hope the original artist is a firm believer in imitation being flattery! because i would never want to offend. go get the real print and support small businesses!!! 

my little dinosaur was made up of different shapes...ha! but again, kindergartners don't care! and my son loved them. 

happy Friday! we will be doing our regular tradition of Family Movie Night tonight with the kids. i'll make paleo pizza and we'll give them sparkling juice because they think its soda, and maybe even make some paleo chocolate chip cookies. once the kiddos hit the hay my husband and i will indulge in our new favorite show, Downton Abbey, on Netflix. its all the rage. everyone i know is watching it. and now we're totally hooked. 

do you watch it? what do you think?

i hope you have great plans for the weekend.



  1. Stacy just told me to watch that show yesterday! Was it good? Also, your valentines are very cute. Glad Asher appreciated them.

    1. it is so good. M'hubs and i watched 3 episodes last night and stayed up wayyyyy past our bedtime.

  2. i love that font too! i used it in our christmas cards :)


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