Monday, February 20, 2012

paleo template meal plan - week 2

i'm back with another blog post. i know it's been awhile, i was in a little schlump and am forcing myself out of it with more recipes!

you may have noticed in my last meal plan that it was chicken heavy and dairy light. this is because we were still doing our "cleanse" of only eating chicken, veggies, fruits, & nuts for 21 days. now that we are no longer on the cleanse i am incorporating more varieties of meat and adding minimal dairy. mostly for the kids, i've found it helps them stay full longer. obviously i am a mom, so most of my snacks and meals are driven by the kids approval. it's hard to keep them grain free, so if i keep stuff around they like it makes it easier when i break the news that... no honey, we don't have bread for sandwiches, and we can't have real noodles with our spaghetti. 

Sunday: scrambled eggs w/ salsa & avocado & sliced oranges on the side
Monday: no-oatmeal with sliced apples & raisins
Tuesday: bacon & fried eggs
Thursday: scrambled eggs w/ salsa & avocado & sliced oranges on the side
Friday: no-oatmeal with fresh blueberries
Saturday: paleo waffles & fresh strawberries

- i usually grind my nuts for several servings of the no-oatmeal at one time, so i can just measure and cook when i'm ready to make it. 
- make several servings of bacon and reserve it for the cobb salad
- i added 2 tbsp tapioca flour and 1 tsp vanilla extract to the paleo waffles to make them a little more moist

Monday: smoothie
Tuesday: plain whole milk yogurt w/ honey & berries
Thursday: ants on a log
Friday: smoothie
Saturday: cottage cheese & applesauce

Sunday: fajita salad
Tuesday: chicken nuggets & applesauce 
Wednesday: turkey burger patty w/ avocado & carrots
Thursday: italian salad (scroll down for recipe)
Saturday: paleo cobb salad

- i mentioned this in the last meal plan post, but i boil a whole chicken on Sunday afternoon and save the meat in a large ziplock for salads throughout the week.
- i also reserve the broth for soup throughout the week.
- paleo cobb to me is a sliced hard boiled egg, chopped bacon, chopped turkey breast, chopped avocado, a sprinkle of salt, and a drizzle of olive oil over spinach.

Sunday: veggie chips & jalapeno greek yogurt dip
Monday: fresh veggies & paleo hummus
Tuesday: chocolate chip cookies & almond milk 
Wednesday: banana & almond butter
Thursday: veggie chips & guacamole
Friday: paleo brownies & almond milk
Saturday: veggie chips & guacamole

- the jalapeno greek yogurt dip is straight from the good Lord above. my Costco had a giant tub, but i've also seen it at Whole Foods. 
- again, i obviously have kids, so keeping things like brownies and cookies in the house is a must if i am even a little successful at derailing them from the Valentine's candy train. (it may also be for me, as i am a recovering sugar addict.)

Sunday: slow cooker pork roast w/ roasted broccoli
Monday: broccoli & ham frittata
Tuesday: mexican chicken soup (scroll down for recipe)
Wednesday: garlic roasted chicken thighs & roasted asparagus
Friday: paleo pizza
Saturday: leftovers! 

- the garlic roasted chicken thighs are so easy, and tasty. just sprinkle garlic powder, salt and pepper on the thighs and bake at 350 til done, about 30 minutes. 
- you will need a day of rest after all that cooking. believe me, i know this for a FACT. i am often sooooo tired from all the cooking and cleaning that is required of the paleo lifestyle, and it's always a nice break to not have to cook for a night. shoot, get crazy and use paper plates too! 

i would love to know if you use my printout and find these posts useful. how are you doing on the paleo lifestyle? we are still going strong and never felt better!

much love,


  1. seriously- thanks for posting all this! jeff & i are pretty hardcore paleo right now, and trying to figure out how to get the kiddos in too. you have much better eaters than me ;) but we are ready to just fight the fight with them.
    you are awesome- i know this takes a lot of time, but it really has been incredibly helpful!

    1. yay! i'm so glad you like it! its challenging finding family friendly paleo recipes and figuring out snacks for hungry kids... and no matter how good of eaters my two are, it is still a struggle! stoked we can cheer eachother one!

    2. Loving the paleo meal plan. We eat paleo and it's great to have another place to look for ideas. Loved the link for coconut pancakes. Sooooo good. I totally prefer them to the banana/almond butter kind we normally do. Thanks for the printable too....any chance you could just the blank template?

  2. I do not see the mexican chicken soup recipe??


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