Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what we wore wednesday

denim daze. 

denim is perfect for traveling. and layering. especially when you're not sure what the weather will be when you arrive. we are all wearing layers of denim in some shape or form. and leggings for the girls. because stretchy pants make for a pleasant road trip.

{little a}
shirt target / jacket gifted old navy / jeggings walmart / converse marshalls / ***GUN borrowed from Hume Lake costumes*** what she did sang her little heart out while we packed for our trip (that's right, we leave TODAY and we packed THIS MORNING. that's how we roll.

{Big A} 
shirt old navy / jacket thrifted GAP / levis nordy's rack / slip ons gifted old navy / what he did play date with his pen pal

shirt borrowed from husband's closet / belt target / leggings target / mocs thrifted / what i did packed my little heart out while the kids ran rampant around the house

today's theme was comfort. we have a busy day, full of packing, cleaning, and traveling. when we pick Big A up from school we head out of town for the weekend for some much needed family and friend time. we're heading down south to our hometown of San Diego. and while i am very excited, i have a ridiculous amount of items on my to do list... and it will be a long busy weekend. 

but i do look forward to it. 

are you already making plans for the weekend? anything fun?!! 


p.s. here's a message from little a: rejtjewhtjejhr4kyuuyiij oepj ppeiu]6[1[t 857t6yreyghndnb.x.m.d/j/ykvjhyltoigfkytktrjfdheuhdhrhr

***UPDATE: it was brought to my attention that i failed to mention where a particular accessory was from. i love my readers and read every comment. i'm working on getting better at responding to each one. please let me know if there is something i miss and you want to know where it's from.***

thanks johnny. come visit. 


  1. have so much fun! can't wait to hang out when you get back!

  2. love her message. Jewell does the same thing with her own name thrown in a few times. Have fun in San Diego. Come by for your Chai!

  3. My plans: hang out with The Nuncio fam!

  4. Um...You did not mention where the gun in little A's hand is from. Please revise post because I am looking for that exact same model. Thanks.
    Lovingly, Johnny


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