Sunday, June 10, 2012

father's day gift inspiration round up

hey guys. father's day is in A WEEK. are you ready? 

i'll be honest. i'm not. its been nuts around here. it was the last week of school for Big A *tear* and that was filled with extra activities and his final ceremony on the last day. then we got slammed with a crazy cold. i feel like i'm on the verge of sneezing ALL. DAY. you know, watery eyes, a tickle in your nose... but sneeze never comes. good times.        not. 

noooOOOWWWwww, we're getting ready to pack for 4 weeks at HumeSD


but my husband is soooo special and i want to make sure he doesn't feel forgotten in the midst of all the craziness. he has been at the forefront of my mind, and making him feel honored on father's day. 

so i've been compiling inspiration for father's day gifts and i thought i'd share my favorite ideas from some of my favorite blogs. 

i've got to say, this is my favorite. i've been wanting to get my husband a record player for quite some time. him being a musician limits his hobbies to buying expensive music equipment, which doesn't happen very often... so i thought this would be another great musical avenue for a hobby!

this is just rad. as is everything on this blog. i love the detail and thought put into this. and what man wouldn't want to know how to properly tie an ascot?

for the dad who loves wine. my husband is not a drinker, but my own dad loves to relax at the end of the day with a glass. such a fun way to make it special.

a love note journal for the man who's love language is words of affirmation... which is pretty much every man. 

we have family movie night every week in our home and it's something i know my husband treasures, why not make in into a great gift?!?! such a cute idea.

what a great way to take something necessary and make it something special. 

 more words of affirmation, and you could even include notes from the kids (or tiny drawing from the ones who can't write yet!) in such a cute little package.

i put a package similar to this together for all the dads in my family a few years ago. it was a big hit!

here's the inspiration board i created for father's day last year.

oh how i would love to speak to my husbands heart in ALL of these ways! now to choose just one. 

ugh, so hard. 

what do you have planned for your dad or baby daddy??!! haha

love tara!

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