Friday, February 21, 2014

our living room inspiration

now that you've seen our new living room, i wanted to show you my dream board for a few of the things i'd like to start collecting over time to make it feel more cozy... you know, like we actually live there... art for the walls, paint, pillows. stuff like that. one of the major things the living room is lacking that i mentioned in my last post, is a coffee table. my wonderful MIL had ordered this one for us (which was on my last coffee table round up) but once all was said and done, we just didn't love it. so i put together most of the pieces we already have in that room and some i would love and made an inspiration board so i could get a better feel for how everything would coordinate. i chose a couple new and kept a couple old favs and now am trying to decide between 4 different ones. you can see them below.

a // b // c // d

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 vintage // 9 // 10 // 11 

let me first start by saying, the criteria for our new coffee table is that it must cost us $300 or less.  (actually would love much less, but coffee tables are expensive!) the other must have feature is that it has to be small. 30" in diameter or less. our living room is tiny and we need all the floor space we can get. how can there be dance parties, tickle fights, or wrestling with a giant table taking up the whole place, i mean. two more things, it must be round and it must not distract from the credenza. 

that's all. 

that's all?!?! yeah right, i've been on the hunt for MONTHS. shootdang. hopefully i can get my hands on an awesome coupon for one of these or just wait until they're almost discontinued and snag one up. haha!

so what do you think? which is your favorite. mine is "d", but of course it's the most expensive. it's 20% off right now and i have a 10% off coupon, and i'm kind of hoping to swing by the store next time i'm in San Diego so i don't have to pay for shipping and handling. [crossing fingers]


p.s. i just taught myself how to make an animated GIF! i'm so excited! for a long time i've been kind of down because my computer is super old (2004 #dinosaur) and i only have photoshop 7.0 (#embarassing) for design purposes. so i've put off all design commissions and really any dreams i've had for design for the time being. but i recently felt the urge to just use what i have and start from there. and it feels so good to learn something new! 

p.p.s did you notice my new blog design? i love it, do you? 

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