Thursday, February 6, 2014

update on the living room

so, i figured i better give you an update since the last pictures i posted were of the house in the "total disaster" state. we have since then been able to unpack the majority of things that could possibly be stored inside, and are now making a list of new storage options and projects we want to tackle over time. here's the update:

this is the living room, looking in from the kitchen. it's hard to get a good angle since it's so small. i would need a fish eye lens to get the best overall view. that giant door (i think it's 10ft!) is our front door and we use it as our main entrance since the garage is still full of boxes that we need to sort and purge and then find a place for everything.

you'll notice that i made new curtains. my husband never liked the previous ones and was gracious enough to let me have them for as long as he did. they no longer fit our style and since we have a lot of new items it was time to freshen them up a bit. i was able to sell them and use most of that money to buy the new material. i whipped out 6 new curtain panels in one morning. they kind of blend in with the walls now but we will eventually put some color up and that will make them pop. 

the green chairs stayed! i was also able to sell most of our old furniture and i actually made around $2000 total from all those sales! and since we had about 3 months from the time we signed the paperwork until the day we moved for me to peruse the clearance isle's or wait until a particular item went on sale, i was able to get almost everything new! the woven side table (similar here) along with the marble serving board are from TJMaxx. 

 the material is from Home Fabrics, here in Fresno, and I made some envelope pillow covers for inserts i already had. the velvet pillows are from World Market. the lamps were from our old house and we purchased them from Lowe's about 5 years ago. i would eventually like to switch them out for a table lamp and either an arc lamp or a tripod lamp. i'll see what i can find! this side table is a hand me down from my MIL and it has a twin upstairs in the master bedroom. they're from Crate & Barrel.

meet Darrin, our new couch! we were so lucky to snag it during a 40% plus additional 10% off sale at JCPenney, of all places! they upped their style since the last time i shopped there. which was about the late '90's, when my grandma would give me gift cards from there for every holiday. i hated it. but i love it now! i also want to get some grown up art for above the couch... you know, something i didn't make... 

here's the view if you're standing at the front door. it looks straight back into the kitchen, i love how open it is. we found the stools on Craigslist. we have two more but they are in the garage and will be used as extra seating when we have guests and also for a craft station we're making out there. 

i was able to find this beautiful vintage mid-century credenza on Craigslist in Sacramento and made the 3 hour drive up just for it! it contains all of our movies and games. i'm so in love with it. i know i went on and on about the fauxdenza, and i even had the cabinets to start building it... but my husband was apprehensive about anchoring a large piece of furniture to the walls of our brand new home. so we decided it would be better to get something that was free standing. also, i love all the plants we have in the house right now, although some of them are not doing so well... i want to get more but i'm so afraid to kill them all. good thing Home Depot has a good return policy for plants!!

the front entrance. while i was in Sacramento i swung by IKEA to return the fauxdenza cabinets and was able to use that money to pick up this shoe cabinet. it's perfect in this corner and makes the mountain of nasty, muddy shoes look much better. eventually a mirror will go above it and i'm playing with the idea of a wrap around gallery wall that climbs the stairwell. but first, we must paint!

i know, even though we have a shoe cabinet... there are still shoes out. i didn't move them for the picture because we actually live here and it's not a model home. this area still tends to get congested... but we are working on training the adults to put their shoes away... my husband and i! the kids are better at it than we are! haha. this basket is also from IKEA.

so that's it! i made an inspiration board because i STILL haven't decided on a coffee table, and my legs are starting to get cramped from always being curled up on the couch with no where to rest them. #nocoffeetableproblems #firstworldproblems

i abandoned the whole first track and found all new coffee tables to decide between... and i still can't do it. it's a hard decision. i don't want something to compete with the credenza. and the room is pretty small so it needs to be 30" in diameter or less... and those are hard to find people. 

anyway, thanks for looking!


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  1. Oh Tara this is so fun to see! You are a gifted decorator and I love your taste! So, so cool to see God's hand in this house buy after waiting a few years ago!


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