Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what we wore wednesday

today was one of the worst days with my daughter. i almost cussed. 

this will be short.

everything i wore from head to toe, except my shoes, is from Target. the sweater dress is not as flattering as i thought it was according to my bathroom mirror. it accentuated my negative boobs. ugh. my shoes are JCREW purchased from Buffalo Exchange several years ago. my daughter was in the middle of her 3rd out of 56686435476 fits of the day so the picture is bad. 

here's the lovely lady, NOT obeying. she's also wearing all Target sans the Old Navy flippies. 

Big A had early release day so he went in earlier and did not make the photo shoot. he cried for me tonight, as i cried about little a screaming in her room. i love him.

some days i wonder if having a third child will be the solution. i've heard second children, or strong willed children, often stop having so many issues when they discover they aren't the center of the universe. 

eh. i'm not willing to risk it. 

done. and done.


  1. So sorry Tara. I have had many a day......three is far worse than two(speaking of age not number of children).

  2. Sorry friend.
    And about that third child thing- that is a myth. For sure. Nothing gets easier...

    But they are cute. Sometimes.

    And you are sassy and fashionable.

  3. I had VERY VERY VERY rough years with my mother specifically, but both parents ALL of high school, because my mother and I are very similar, but have strong differences. Now we are friends, but I have recognized MANY situations that are still too much for me to handle, ie) my family of 5 together is not good for my mental state, sad but true.
    LOVE YOU TARA. You will get through this.
    The sweater dress very nicely accentuates your bum!


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