Monday, February 7, 2011

Refashioned Boy's Vest

last week i took my sewing skills from beginner to intermediate. all thanks to my late grandma and the internet.

it all started with our sweet friend, Holly-licious, and her upcoming nuptials. we've known Holly Lolly for-ev-er. she sings in my Mr.'s band, 330 Plan, and is all around awesome and talented. she recently asked if our son Big A would be able to be the ring bearer in her wedding and we were all super thrilled at the thought. thus began the search for a stylish little man vest and slacks for the wedding. off i went to every place on the face of the earth that sold children's clothing and found the perfect outfit the first time was out of luck. (seems they only carry fancy clothes during the holidays.) so i searched the internet and stumbled upon this sweet blog and the tutorial for refashioning men's pants into a boy's vest.

here is attempt #1:

read: this is not my son. in fact, it is my 2 YEAR OLD daughter, little a. i apparently did not measure anything correctly and instead of having a free vest (i used an old work skirt and some shorts that i decided didn't fit my husband right for this vest.) i had to go buy something to cut up since my Mr. didn't want me digging through his old perfectly good clothes.

attempt #2: off to the nearest thrift store for some pants on the cheap. $3 each. nice.

now that i'm such an experienced seamstress, i got it right. here is the only picture of my son i could get with him not being silly.

and here is his true personality. i love it!

i am truly grateful for my Grandma Shirley, who taught me how to sew when i was younger. she took the time and had patience. she showed me how to thread the bobbin, thread the sewing machine, and everything else. i never really used that skill very much, but am glad we had that time together. i can't wait to conquer my OCD with some basic sewing skills for my kids as soon as i'm they're ready. and yes, i will be teaching my son how to sew. whenever i'm in a bind and can't figure something out on my sewing machine, i call my dad. his first job was a sewing machine repair man when he was a teenager and i don't know what i would do without him.

but for reals, how do you mommy bloggers get such cute shots of your kids? i had to bribe him to model for me. i told him it was practice for the wedding and Hols wanted to see him in it before the wedding.

i'm pretty happy with the outcome. (picture me brushing something off my shoulder, with a proud look on my face.) (sidenote: why do we brush stuff off our shoulders when we're proud?? doesn't brushing stuff off our shoulders mean we have dandruff? i don't know about you but i would NOT be proudly brushing dandruff off my shoulders. sorry, back to the point...) i still need to finish the buttons but it fits him nicely and he looks so dapper. thank you endless resource for sewing tips, the internet.

next up: SLIM SLACKS, repurposed from men's pants.

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  1. ummmm, i just want you to make clothes for my kids all day long...sound good? b/c this is SO STINKIN' CUTE! and, let's not forget the accessories!!! kthnxbye.


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