Wednesday, November 9, 2011

gallery wall: update 1

here's a little update on my gallery wall. it's mostly done!!! to see my living room prior to the gallery wall, click here.

after picking up my printed photos, i layed them all out to make sure my order was correct. 

since i ordered my prints from Costco, some of the sizes were different from the frames i ordered them for. 

so i got my trusty list out and cut all the pictures to size with my Fiskar paper cutter. lickity split!

Step 5} since all my frames were layed out on the floor in the order i wanted them hung, i layed the paper templates on each frame. i started from the center (which is a mirror i will be hanging as soon as i finish painting it) and worked my way out. i measured 1" between each frame, and made sure they were level.

i was pretty tired, since it was after the kids went to bed that night, so i started hanging the frames before getting all the templates up. plus, the painters tape i used was not staying stuck on the wall and i didn't want them to all fall off in the night. 

once i got all the frames hung i wanted to get the plates up to but didn't have any plate hangers. so i jimmy-rigged it with LOTS of hot glue and ribbon. i don't recommend this, especially if you are hanging precious china... it may not stay forever. but i'm a little more on the ghetto resourceful side... so i went with it.

Step 6} hang everything. 

Step 7} take a nap. 

for reals. this took forever. definitely longer than a crafternoon. it was like 3 crafternoons and 2 craftenings.  

but i love it! totally worth the hard work. i still need to finish painting my mirror and anchor it in the center, like i said. i also need to get a large canvas printed with a family picture where the white canvas is and paint a silhouette for each kid. i'll update you when each of those are done. 

what do you think?!?!? have you ever done a big project like this? i would love to see pics if you have a blog and want to link to it in the comments. 

next up: we fixed up our bedroom! as soon as i unpack all our book and stylize the bookshelf i'll post about it. 


UPDATE: most of my family pictures were taken by none other than the beautiful and talented Jackie Wonders. if you're in the San Diego area and you have a wedding coming up you should give her a call... you won't regret it. (thanks Kristi for reminding me!) some other photos were taken by Karey Michelle,  Katie Neal and Mark Malter


  1. Wow. That is all I can say. I cannot imagine taking on that project! Nice work!

  2. I LOVE this Tara! So beautiful and completely personal! It's like I get to be apart of your world from way down here in San Diego and see all your crafting ideas come to life! Keep it up! Ps. Missing you.

  3. i think you should tag in this. just sayin'. i have a huge blank wall in my living room...can i "hire" you (and the fam)to come fill it for me? uh, i'm being serious.

  4. I love it! I can imagine curling up in that chair under those beautiful photos, chatting for hours and sipping Big Train chai. What I wouldn't give for an afternoon sitting under that labor of love...It looks awesome.

  5. um, love. amazing. totally wish this was in my house. i just may copy it someday ;)


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