Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bedroom tour

one of the items that has always been at the top of our list was to update was our bedroom. in the past 8 years the only nice thing we really purchased for it was the bed. we never really had nice bedding, nice pictures on the wall, nice accessories... nice anything. so we decided it was high time to change that. 

here is a (bad) before picture of just how sad it was. mind you, i had just taken all the plain white sheets off to wash, just for a little added drama. 

note the side tables with nothing but junk on them, the lonely paper hearts above the bed (that will eventually get a new home next to/over something else so as not to be so lonely), the crooked lamp shades, naked window... you get the idea. our room was basically a dumping ground for 1} my clean AND dirty laundry (i hateeeeeeee putting laundry away. i would much rather live out of a basket system and ditch the dresser altogether) 2} items with no real home 3} things we couldn't put away fast enough when guests were coming over. nothing says make yourself at home like a closed bedroom door. am i right or am i right? 

and since it's such a special occasion to have a pretty room i bust out the REAL CAMERA! that's right people, this room does not deserve instagram (GASP!). i know. i know. 

here she is. i think i'll name her something fun like the sunshine chamber, or the rainbow rumpus room... or maybe just something simple like heaven's gates. no? ok.

the quilt is Dwell Studio from Target. the duvet cover and sheets are all from IKEA. also, the night stands (we needed drawers. i was tired of trying to explain to my daughter why she couldn't eat the lube and wanted a place to hide the condoms so my kids wouldn't think they were golden tickets or something. no joke.), and new non-crooked lamp shades. oh... and the curtains are also IKEA! my favorite part! the curtain rod is from Target. i would love to see a little more contrast on the bed and i have some decorative pillows in the works. 

its a little difficult filling up all the space in the room with the little furniture we already have. it's such a massive room with lots of wall space and vaulted ceilings. but this is what we have for now. 

this wall drives me crazy. there is no furniture on it and its huge! i am also working on hanging a couple frames and some more art on it to fill it up. 

the dresser was $50 from craigslist 5 years ago and i sanded it and painted it dark brown and switched out the hardware. my husband would really like to eventually get new dressers... but this one works for now! i got the mirror for $5 (gifted from a friend) at a yard sale and spray painted it a happy color of sunshine yellow. 

please excuse the lame fake flowers. they add color and buying new flowers every week is unfortunately not in my budget. we would love to eventually add more live house plants in here though. i found the quote on Pinterest and decided to make my own art. too bad my husband doesn't care too much for it. the quote says, "i know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars make me dream". he says that we know Jesus is the Son of God and is our Savior with certainty... and everything else the Bible says... so he doesn't like the quote. i totally understand so now i have to start over! ha!

he does love this art though, which i also found on Pinterest and made myself. 

the bookshelf displays my little milk glass collection, which was started by my husband's Grandpa Lew. and it just so happens to be the one year anniversary of his passing today. i loved Grandpa Lew. he was spunky and handy and was always so kind to me. he is dearly missed and i can't believe a year has gone by that he hasn't been in our lives. i think it would have pleased him to know that i have continued collecting milk glass. i think of him every time i make a new purchase. 

so there you have it. our little room. it's now comfy and cozy and we love to watch movies in bed on our computer and snuggle with our babies in it and just plain old feel like adults when we walk into it. 

items on list of things to still do:
1} art and pictures on ginormous wall
2} house plants
3} decorative pillows
and way down at the bottom of the list:
4} new dresser

if you could make over your room what would you do? 

sunshine sparkles,


  1. 1. You crack me up. Lube and condom comment. HA!

    2. Love the yellow picture. I'm letting you know I am stealing that idea and making that TODAY for our room.

    3. I love milk glass and your new bedroom.

  2. Love how the room turned out!! Love your creativity! I am sure you will find something just right for the walls!! Just sitting here thinking that at our age, we don't have any "stuff" to hide! And for that matter no kids at home to hide it from! Ahhh . . . happy in one way, sad in another! They grow up so fast. So much fun reliving life with kids through your eyes!!
    Love you guys!

  3. You crack me uo. The room looks great. I love the colors. Yellow is my all time favorite, not gonna lie. It is so happy and bold. Hope you have many a fun night in our new space.


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