Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smitten Saturday: father's day gift inspiration

my husband is the best. and by the best, i mean he loves me and our family with a crazy devotion and i would never doubt it. he is so good about being hands on with the kids, and always asks me if i need help or if he can pick anything up from the store for me. he hates being away from our family and hurries home from work to spend more time with the kids before bed. i love him and i can't wait to celebrate him on father's day. 

here are a few things i know he needs/wants/probably wouldn't like but i want to get him anyway: 
No. 1} a grill. his broke during our last move and i've heard him mention a few times now that the weather is warming up that he would like one. this weber from crate & barrel is classic, practical, and not ugly. 

No. 2} my hubby loves shoes as much as i do (he gets it from his mom!) and i think he would look so hot in these adidas samba's. mmmmyes.

No. 3} my husband is a manly man with a lot of facial hair. he currently has a beard, and has for quite sometime, but he is known for switching it up every now and then with a goatee or just being clean shaven. giving him an old fashioned shave kit would be a special treat for his face, i think. plus, it's just cool.

No. 4} another shoe. you can really never have too many, and i love these toms

No. 5} he needs a new wallet

No. 6} he has been talking about getting a new wedding band for a while and i saw something similar to this one on another guy and thought it was pretty rad. 

No. 7} i don't think he would like this bike, but i do. and i could get the matching one and we could be so cute riding all the bike trails with our kids in tow around fresno. people would puke over how cute we were with our matching bikes. that's always a good goal.

No. 8} my husband plays the guitar and people always get him guitar art for every special occasion because he's REALLY really hard to shop for, and they don't know what else to get him. we could open a store with all the guitar related gifts he's gotten. i always cringe when i see something with a guitar on it that is actually cool because i don't want to add to the collection, but these prints from yee haw are actually pretty awesome and i think they would look great in his office. 

also, i'm pretty sure he would appreciate a night of hot, steamy love making... but putting a picture of that on my blog would just take it to a level i'm not willing to go. but i'll probably make him a certificate for that or something. 

what are you gonna get your husband/dad/brother whose a dad/father figure/uncle that sort of raised you for father's day?

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