Thursday, May 31, 2012

what we wore

this is how i feel right now. 

get ready for total randomness. which i think i said last time. which leads me to believe this is becoming normal. ugh.

1. i'm discovering that i'm an emotional eater. more and more i find myself seeking comfort in food. after an especially difficult day with my second born (which is also happening more regularly) all i want to do is have a red velvet cupcake. or a lightly toasted sesame seed bagel with cream cheese. or buttered sour dough toast with a fried egg. these things bring me joy right now.

2. i've officially fallen off the paleo bandwagon. if i cook or meal plan it's all paleo, but the cheats are no longer cheats. they are part of my new everyday. 

3. churros are magical. like a unicorn horn, covered in cinnamon and sugar. crunchy AND chewy. with the power to make it all ok.

4. i think i'm spiraling into hysteria. i just said churros are magical, people. i need help. 

5. today, after my daughter threw a crazytown fit at a friend's house, then started kicking me as i carried her to the bathroom to discipline her, i went straight to Costco and downed a slice of cheese pizza and a churro. don't judge. now i have grumble gut. 

my daughter is a precious gift straight from the Lord in heaven. but she doesn't always act that way. and God must really think i am an exceptionally strong person to give me a daughter with her temperament. but i certainly don't feel that way. 

but i will not give up. i love her too much. now is the time to put the hard work in. 

even if i gain 10 pounds in the process. 

this is my life.

pray for me.


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  1. Praying...and loooooving the pants and necklace. Churro or no churro, you're still lookin' good! Give the kids a kiss from me!


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