Saturday, February 26, 2011

Link Love

so, i totally feel like a biter right now. i've seen alot of blogs doing this link love thing and i'm totally joining in. i guess i just feel like it would be a great way for you to see what i love to look at and also the things that keep me awake during naptime because i can't stop thinking about how much i want to make them myself.

so here it goes:
this print makes me want to abandon the whole car theme track i'm on in my son's room and make it a space theme. (see above)

going to be using this as a resource when i start my garden for canning all my fruit and veggies. (*crossing my fingers that i don't kill everything!*)

REALLY want to munch on this today.

if i could plan my wedding all over again it would look like this. i love all the natural colors.

too bad i don't live in SanFran or i could be THISCLOSE to fulfilling one of my Thirty Before Thirty with this.

i guess i'll make my own CAKESTAND!

i'll be printing these so my son will think i'm the best mom in the world when he gets up from rest time.

this book is infuriating, heart-breaking, and gut wrenching. i am on my knees for these kids and their cities. Lord, come quickly.

can i please be bold enough to do this to a wall in my house? and does it come in removable, cause we are renters?

thank you, Melissa, for being honest about your post baby belly. my second baby is 2 1/2 and i'm still struggling. p.s. you look good.

ok, that was fun. hope you like all the things i like.


  1. OK I love all of this!
    Can we can together I have been wanting to do it forever!
    That wedding is amazing... love the bird seed banner so cute.
    I love that wallpaper on the wall in davi's house. It is so carmen
    I want Melissa's post baby body. or yours. either would do ;)


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