Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tea for Three

my mr. is the director of worship at the well community church. once in a while he has to do what they call the "iron man", which is all 4 services + the midweek service on wednesday nights. on days like this my kids are in rare form; throwing crazy fits, fighting with each other, down right disobeying me... most of it has to do with the fact that we start the day out rushing out the door to church and i'm a drill sergeant because there is no room for dilly-dallying. but i also know they love their daddy and have a hard time understanding why he has to work some nights. 

tonight was one of those nights. so to make this night a little more fun i decided to do a tea party for the three of us. i broke out the mini dishes we got from IKEA that i won't let them use because i'm afraid they will break them. so really, its like our fine china. i made chicken salad finger sandwiches, soup, and served tea and strawberry scones for dessert. the kids loved it. 

 sorry about the terrible quality of the pictures. it was dark out and my lighting was bad. as much as i love photography, it is just not my thing. 

 cutest mini cream and sugar set on earth.

 like my glass domes? i'm totally in love with them. i found 3 (!) of them at Goodwill for $3 each. score.

 and those beautiful vintage footed rosette crystal plates were a gift from my amazing stepmom. she is always finding cute stuff at antique stores for me! 

 the domes are a perfect fit! i would also love to get some tree trunk slices to use as "everyday" bases and make them into terrariums filled with felt mushrooms. another project to add to the list? YES! the crystal will just be for special occasions. like our tea parties.


 um, this is just amazing.

superman (who is really spiderman, who is really peter parker), mommy, and the princess/ballerina. duh.

 you know you wanna come over and have tea with us. we would love it. any reason to break out the IKEA china. 


  1. how fun! I wanna come to tea! :) Poor Dom & you... iron man...ouch!

  2. Um, I'll have whatever big A had in that little cup please. Thanks.


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