Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Refashioned Boy's Pants

i am so excited about these pants. i feel like such a rockstar. i MADE PANTS. ok, sort of. in a round-about way. i chopped up men's pants and shrunk them down into a size 4 boy's pants. 

double rainbows. 
i love the internet. it is chalked full of useful tutorials. like this one. and the even greater thing is that if there is a sewing technique i haven't heard of or know how to do, like blind stitching, you can just look up a sweet video on You Tube and learn how to do it. right then and there. lickity split. johnny on the spot. 

 i must say, these pants were pretty easy to make. the longest part was deconstructing the pants. the tutorial suggests choosing pants that look pretty easy to take apart, but true to i-like-to-make-everything-harder-"because-i-work-better-in-stressful-situations" form, i chose pants according to the color with LOTS of pleats and crazy seams to deconstruct.
 after hours of seam ripping i was able to get down to business.
 (this is his "serious model" face)
 i was right on track and had it all under control, when right at the end as i'm reattaching the waist line (the thickest part of the sewing) my needle breaks, shoots me in the neck, and my sewing machine got all cranky and made a bad sounding noise that i was sure could never be fixed. F. so i panicked, almost cried, then almost shouted some real profanity, then i called my dad. and he walked me through fixing it with his mad sewing machine repair skills. love you dad. big hug. little kiss. (Xo)
the amazing part was that after i finished all the final touches and tried them on my son, with one eye open, THEY FIT! perfectly.

i can't wait to post pictures of him looking so cute, walking down the isle at Holly & Jesse's wedding (which i also made the invitations for and will be post pictures of NEXT WEEK! i love them and i think you will too.) yay.

for now, i am done sewing. i am officially retiring from my sewing career. but like every true rockstar i will probably come out of retirement when i feel like it.

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  1. they look so good! even better than I imagined! awesome. I think you need to come out of retirement right now for that circle skirt ;)


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