Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thirty before thirty

or 20. depends on if you're a glass half empty/full kind of person. i'm choosing to see it full at the moment because i can't think of anything else to add to the list am such an optimist. 

i recently turned 29 in november and there is a strange pressure building up. it could be the other blogs that i've seen with cool countdowns and i feel the pressure to be cool OR the fact that i have 56878356878 things i'd like to change slash do and doing it before 30 seems like a good goal. whatevs.

so here it is:

  • get out of financial debt. living debt free so we can go on a sweet vacation be better stewards of our money and give more is our numero uno goal this year.
  • make a habit out of reading the bible, daily.
  • print and frame 4 years worth of family photos.
  • find a good school for big A. this needs to happen in two months. eek.
  • loose my pooch & love handles. shut up.
  • make good Pho from scratch.
  • train for and run a 1/2 marathon.
  • get my business license. 
  • get one more tattoo.
  • have a date night with my mr. at least twice a month.
  • plant a garden.
  • start saving for a real vacation. because joining my mr.'s band when they play at camps with our kids is NOT a vacation. 
  • make love to my husband everyday for 30 days.
  • be more consistent about being mentored by my mentor. 
  • become a mentor. 
  • make affirming my mr. a natural habit.
  • give my kids more of my presence, daily.
  • monthly grocery shopping.
  • learn calligraphy.
  • make good tamales from scratch.
finish ongoing projects: (this is where the extra 10 come in)

  • felt aquarium shower curtain for kids bathroom.
  • spray paint school chairs for big A's room.
  • create more "art" for the house
  • big A's granny square blanket. because what boy doesn't want a granny square blanket at any given point in their lives? 
  • little a's bubble crochet blanket. 
  • little a's dresser.
  • big a's dresser. 
  • pillows for living room.
  • little a's name story
  • curtains for the living room.
not in that order. except #1. i'll make sure to update on my progress on each of these items. this is good accountability.

calligraphy photo found here.


  1. whew girl you are going to be busy!
    BUT you CAN totally do it! :)

  2. thank cherish. have you noticed your the only one who EVER comments on my posts? thanks for all the love!

  3. Just because some of us don't post, doesn't mean we don't read and LOVE your blog! I was just going through your list and have a few that I'd like to "encourage" you in accomplishing. Actually, I will encourage you with the whole list, but my experience is in the following: Business License, Calligraphy, Garden and Pho (you mean like vietnamese chicken noodle soup? I think there are a lot of different ones, maybe)

    So I will be cheering you on! . . . and then I will make my "60 before 60" list! YIKES!

  4. ooo, carol! thanks for commenting and encouraging! um, let's hang out so you can encourage me in person. wink.

  5. I'm sure your Mr. will be sooooo pleased with your decision of 30 days of straight love making. :) And I so want to learn to make tamales too! Mmmm...


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