Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Food Friday

yesterday was a super busy day so i didn't make my Friday blog post in time... but to make it up to you i have a sneak peek and two (!) restaurants to show you today!!!! 

hip hooray!

we started off our morning on a breakfast date since my mother-in-law had the kids spend the night the night before! we went to my all time favorite breakfast restaurant, Hash House A Go Go. dang, it was gooooood. 
 it's located in the heart of Hillcrest. 

 you have to get there early, there is ALWAYS a long wait. it was a Friday morning and there were tons of people. we had to sit at the bar in order to get seated quickly. not my favorite place to sit, but i was so hungry i could have eaten a waffle bigger than my head a horse. 

 busy. busy. busy.

 i love their drinkware. their cups and mugs are footed. and we all know i love anything footed. wink.

 sleepy heads. it was nice to not be woken up by little screaming banshees whispers and angel kisses from our sweet children, but our bed here at the dorm is making our good sleep to be desired. 

remember when i almost said a waffle the size of my head. well, that's actually what i got! the vanilla waffle is like eating cake for breakfast. the picture does not justice for the real life scale of how huge this think is. they use plates that could fit a roasted turkey on!

blackberry granola flapjack. nothing like a pancake to promote American obesity. my dad is cringing at this post, i just know it. and somewhere in the world a family of ten could live off this meal and we ate a 1/4 of it and took the rest home. 

the next restaurant i'm posting about we actually had on Wednesday. we love Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup, so we found this restaurant while driving around and thought we try it out. 

the service was great and the people were super nice, but we have pretty high standards for Pho. our fav place is in Chula Vista and we compare everything to that one. 

 eggrolls. wrap them in fresh mint and lettuce and dip in broth. 

 always always wash it down with a Thai Tea (with no boba) for the adults and young coconut juice for the kids. 

 my husband gets a large beef ball soup and shares it with the kids. 

i always get the grilled chicken with broken rice and share with the kids.


now for the sneak peek! 
we got our family pictures taken by Jackie Wonders last night and this is what i wore!

i love my new dress soooooo much!

have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am obsessed with that dress! No seriously. I was looking for a good knock off forever on ebay!! Where-ever did you find that pretty thing?

  2. Buffalo Exchange in SD. there were like 3 of the same ones! you can borrow it anytime.


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